Active Inmates List In Hancock County Jail & Everything You Need To Know About This Facility

Active Inmates list in Hancock County Jail and we have explained everything you need to know like the Sheriff's office, address, bail information, visitation rules for relatives, and sending a mail or package to the Inmates in the Hancock county Jail.

Active Inmates List In Hancock County Jail & Everything You Need To Know About This Facility
Active Inmates List In Hancock County Jail & Everything You Need To Know About This Facility

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Hancock County Jail is a community-developed and oriented policing agency and a small jail or office, which is located in Ohio. Citizens of Ohio and other nearby residents can easily report any crime while dialing the emergency number and or call on their toll-free number.

Michael E. Heldman, Sheriff is serving the Hancock County office since 1997 and he has had the privilege to develop a strong bonding between the community and the security forces.

The Hancock County Jail was opened in 1987. The jail basically has a current capacity of accommodating a maximum of 54 inmates. These inmates are housed according to the charges applied to them.

The average population of the inmates present in the jail is approximately around 30 inmates while 15% of them are females.

Hancock County Jail is an organization that will enable you to learn more about active inmates, concealed carry, and emergency alerts.

Hancock County Jail is the main office that gives information about current and past inmates. It is also known as a registry office set up to register sex offenders. It allows people to sign up for email notification if they witness any sex offender registering particularly in their neighborhood.

Hancock County also provides different services to the people like registering online or via an email address. Getting updated with emergency alerts, emergency weather alerts, news releases, amber alerts, and much more via a phone call or through registration.

You can also learn more about Hancock Sheriff's services and opportunities while visiting their official website hancocksheriff.

  • Hancock Sheriff's office services are quite wide which enables the officers to keep the public record and record of each and every stranger living in Ohio.
  • Hancock Sheriff has a separate administrative office which is located at 200 West Crawford St. Findlay, OH45840.
  • Social media plays an active role in determining the activities happening in the Hancock Sheriff's office. They are also aware the audience of school delays, event cancellations, and alert level information.
  • To aid the Sheriff's County Office, Special Units are used that include volunteers and employees related to the human resource department to provide safety services to the citizens and the community. Not only this but safety services personnel are also involved to aid the office in conducting small or big operations and also to figure out specific details under the Sheriff’s direction.
  • The sheriff's office also trains the citizens under the supervision of the law enforcement agencies hired to be prepared and monitor the security of County schools, basketball, and football games. They also are responsible to monitor the security of the Hancock County Fair.

The Posse is another special unit that is often used in fairs, gatherings, or parades. Special Deputy Organizations look after their duties assigned to them such as controlling the crowd. Their presence is also required in Findley Village Hall Parking, especially during the holidays or shopping season.

  • Hancock Sheriff's Office also provides security in the form of an underwater search and recovery team. They are all well-trained and entirely professional while rescuing people.
  • The security policies and conditions of Hancock Sheriff are quite smart and their forces like the recovery team, search team, bike patrol, UAV unit, emergency response team, and Posse team are extremely energetic, vigilant, and efficient.
  • The sheriff's office strengthens community links with the community through communication and teamwork.

Hancock Sheriff Jail, Sherif Office Address:

200 West Crawford St,

Findley, OH, 45840

Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Address:

98 Buchanan Street

Carthage, IL62321

Office: 217-357-2115

Main Phone: (419) 424-7097

Jail Phone: (419) 424-7202

Fax: 217-357-3035

Emergency Dial: 911

Report a Crime: (419) 422-2424

Hancock Sheriff Jail Inmate inquiry and search available on the website includes information and record of each inmate in the administrative directory or roster, where all the general and specific information related to the inmates is included.

The record and report will include everything about the inmate and the charges or allegations applied to him/her.

However, while accessing the online inmate database for Hancock County Jail it is important to click Active Inmates Inquiry. Everything is mentioned in the directory.

  • Name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Race, Address,
  • Case#, IDN#, Subject,
  • Number, Booking Number, In Custody,
  • Booking from Date, Arrest Date, Location,
  • A mugshot, Charges, Court events, Court role,
  • Divisions, Document Type, and Court date.

If you are unable to find the inmate, you can also directly call the Hancock Sheriff Jail or administration to know about them.

Social media apps and mobile apps play important role in figuring out the inmates, you are looking for.

For an inmate search, you must fulfill certain requirements that will help you to reach the inmate of the Hancock Sheriff's jail.

Inmate Search in Hancock County Jail:

Search for any Jail, Prison, Detention Center, or Inmate in America.

  • City or county jail: Locate the state, then the city or county where you think they are being held.
  • Select State
  • State Prisons: Locate the state where you think they are being held.
  • Select a State:
  • Federal prisons: You must first go to any Federal Bureau of Prisons facility.

Visitation Rules for relatives or anyone who wants to contact an Inmate:

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions relatives or anyone who wants to contact an inmate must book an appointment for inmate visitation. For this, they need to contact the Hancock County Jail at 217-357-2115 so that they can easily speak to the jail staff regarding the settlement of the appointment.

According to the rules and laws of Hancock Sheriff Jail, a visitation schedule is designed which includes the family or friends visiting the inmates is held only twice a week. The visiting time may vary from 15 to 30 minutes.

Each inmate must receive one inmate per week. The visiting days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. The timings for male and female inmates might differ.

These visits are monitored by the jail staff so that everyone should follow the rules equally.

Sending A Mail/Package

Communicating with any inmate can be done by sending an email or via a letter. To send an email or also send a postcard to the inmate, you must follow a certain email address:

Hancock County Sheriff Jail for Inmates

  • Inmates' First and Last Name
  • Hancock County Sheriff
  • 123 E, Main St, Greenfield, IN 46140
  • Phone: 317-477-1158

All emails sent to the inmates must also include the sender's name and mailing address mentioned on the letter or the postcard.

Hancock also allows the relatives of inmates to send postcards, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, care packages, and books.

Email address:

Mails are always inspected and scanned by the jail authorities to send them further. Therefore, it is suggested not to mention private things or something about court cases as it might be used against the sender.

Visiting Hours of Hancock County Sheriff Jail

Visiting days and Visiting hours are:

Wednesday & Saturday: For female inmates, it's 12:30 pm and for male inmates, it is from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Search Active Inmates In Hancock Sheriff Jail

All the active inmates in Hancock Sheriff's jail can be accessed through Active Inmates Inquiry. You can also download inmate's handbook to learn more about active inmates in Hancock Sheriff Jail.

The handbook is basically a complete guide towards the processes and current policies of the Hancock Sheriff Jail, which includes admission, orientation, prison rape elimination, the act of 2003, general housing rules, daily procedures, inmate employment, job assessment, rights, responsibilities, privileges, inmate legal services, inmate services, and inmate grievance procedures.

The inmate roster can be accessed online to search for your inmate in Hancock Sheriff's jail. All you need is the inmate’s name. While other minor details or information will help you narrow the search.

Otherwise, you can also call Hancock Sheriff Jail personnel to help you find an inmate.

Pickaway County Prison Statistics

Hancock County Sheriff Jail Statistics will explain more about the capacity of the jail and how inmates are settled within the compartment of the jail depending on the arrests.

Visiting Hours

Mention visiting hours by Days:

  • Monday - 07: 30 AM to 09:00 PM
  • Tuesday - 07:30 AM to 09: 00 PM
  • Wednesday - 07:30 AM to 09: 00 PM
  • Thursday - 07: 30 AM to 09: 00 PM
  • Friday - 07:30 AM to 09: 00 PM
  • Saturday - 07:30 AM to 02:30 PM
  • Sunday - 07:30 AM to 02:30 PM

Hancock Sheriff Jail Statistics of Active Inmates:

Main Jail and Prison Phone Call Rates

  • Local or In-State Phone Call Rates: $0.09
  • International or Out of State Phone Call Rates: $0.09
  • Hancock Sheriff Jail has approximately: 3200 bookings
  • With the daily average of 160 inmates
  • And control staff of almost: 40 personals

Hancock Sheriff Jail Probation Department

Hancock Sheriff County Jail’s adult probation department is located in Findley.

Hours and Location:

300 South Main Street

Findley, OH 45840

  • Monday - Friday8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: (419) 424-7008

The requirement to file for the adult probation period in the Hancock Sheriff Jail:

  • Name of the prisons:
  • Address of the probation department:
  • Phone:

Likewise, the adult probation department also asks to submit fines and clear other dues in the court through different processes like:

  • Credit card payments
  • Pay order or pay cheque
  • Debit cards
  • Money orders
  • And cash also

Supervisors, Probation officers, and Administrative assistants deal with the inmate's probation matters. Besides, they can be easily contacted via phone, fax, or email:

Court Services Department

500 Main Street. Suite 3A

Carthage, IL 62321

Phone: (217) 357-2033

Fax: (217) 357-2051


Inmates Privileges in Hancock County Sheriff Jail

Inmates receive a lot of privileges in Hancock County Sheriff Jail such as:

  • Specific call time but no time restriction on call duration
  • Specific meeting time with friends and families twice a week
  • They can receive money and gifts from their loved ones
  • Proper medical and dental facilities are provided
  • Educational facilities are also provided to inmates who are below age 16 or have not finished their education
  • Inmates are given religious freedom and they can follow their religious programs or religious diet as well
  • Inmates can possess personal property in the forms of their clothes, shoes, and other belongings or personal clothing items
  • Inmates are also given laundry privileges twice a week
  • Inmates receive safe custody, fair treatment, and jail security
  • Exercise Yard rules
  • Grooming sessions

Bail Information and getting a Bail In Hancock County Sheriff's Jail

Getting bail in Hancock County Sheriff's Jail is simple for those who haven’t committed a severe crime or sin.

Hancock County Jail System is a little bit overpopulated due to the:

  • Short term offenders
  • Those who are waiting to get bailed out by friends or family
  • Those who cannot afford to get bail
  • Those who are waiting for trials
  • And those who are convicted of the crime are sentenced to one year in jail.

To get bail is to become a worker that will lessen the jail time and also reduce their sentence.

Hancock County Bail Bonds are signed by the family and friends to get the inmate out of the Hancock Sheriff's jail.

Hancock County Bail Bonds Location;

771 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville, GA, 30043

Phone: (770) 339-9000

To get bail, you can also call the Hancock State Prison to navigate and communicate with trusted specialists and get your freedom.

Hancock Bail Process:

  • Gather information about the inmate from the law enforcement agencies
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of almost 15% of the bail amount
  • Release a detainee
  • Court appearance
  • Co-signer required to ensure an expedition release
  • Or providing guarantee compliance with some bail conditions

Like this, you can apply for bail bonding in Hancock Sheriff Jail

What are some privileges offered to inmates in Hancock Sheriff County Jail?

  • Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Inmates care, custody, security
  • Laundry services
  • Meal preparations
  • Visitation
  • Counseling and medical addiction treatment

PS: Hancock Sheriff County Jail Active Inmates List and Prisoners Statistics

In the entire article, we have learned how Hancock Sheriff Jail was constructed, a little bit about its background history, and how it plays a part in arresting criminals and sex offenders.

This article also explains the statistics in the form of the number of inmates arrested every year, the proportion of male and female inmates, and what types of privileges they get while being in Hancock Jail.

The article also discusses the inmate's list and their visiting hours. Along with the entire criteria of bail bond application and inmate probation. You will find everything about Hancock County Sheriff's Jail and the way they arrest the inmates and accommodate them while providing all the facilities is also discussed in this article.