10 Worst Prisons in the State of Virginia

What are some of the 10 worst prisons in the state of Virginia? In this article, we have discussed the 10 worst prisons in the state of Virginia.

7 Worst Prisons in the State of Virginia
Worst Prisons in the State of Virginia 

Have you ever been to prison? No, I'm not talking about that time you got caught speeding. I mean, have you ever actually been inside a prison? If your answer is no, then congratulations! You're one of the lucky ones.

Because if you had, you would know that Virginia's prisons are some of the worst in the state. They're rated as some of the worst in the entire country. So if you're planning on doing anything bad anytime soon, steer clear of Virginia! Trust me; it's not worth it.

Why prisons are the worst in Virginia

  • Virginia's prisons are overcrowded. This means prisoners are often forced to live in cramped, unsanitary conditions. There is often insufficient food or clean water, and prisoners are often forced to sleep on the floor.
  • Virginia's prisons are understaffed. This means that there are not enough guards to keep prisoners safe. This can lead to violence and even sexual assault.
  • Virginia's prisons are poorly funded. This means they do not have enough money to provide necessities like food, water, and medical care.
  • Virginia has a high recidivism rate, meaning inmates return to prison after being released.

Overview of Prisons in Virginia

Virginia's prisons are some of the most modern in the country. They are also some of the most expensive. The state has made a concerted effort to update and expand its prison infrastructure, including constructing facilities and renovating older ones.

Despite this investment, Virginia's prisons have come under scrutiny in recent years for their high levels of violence and overcrowding. Virginia is a U.S. state located in the Mid-Atlantic region. The capital of Virginia is Richmond, and the largest city in Norfolk. Virginia's prison system is one of the most overcrowded in the nation.

The numerous consequences of overcrowding include increased violence and tension among inmates, increased staff overtime costs, and decreased opportunities for rehabilitation and education.

10 Worst Prisons in The State of Virginia:

Following are the list of the worst prisons in the State of Virginia:

Sussex II State Prison

Sussex II State Prison is a correctional facility located in Waverly, Virginia. The prison opened in 1999 and is operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections. It includes a medium security section and a minimum security section and has a total capacity of 1352 inmates. It also contains several block cells, which house inmates requiring segregation or protective custody.

Sussex II State Prison is the worst prison because it is overcrowded and underfunded, and the prisoners are treated poorly. The prison was built to house over 1300 inmates but holds more than 2,000. This has led to severe overcrowding and poor living conditions. The prisoners are not given enough time out of their cells, and the cells are often dirty and infested with bugs.

The prison also lacks basic amenities such as recreational facilities, educational programs, and medical care. The staff is often unprofessional and unsupportive, and the prisoners are constantly subjected to violence and abuse. The prison has also underreported deaths. Since November 2016, over 12 incarcerated citizens have died at Sussex ll State Prison.

Augusta Correctional Center

The Augusta Correctional Center is a state prison for men located near Craigsville in Augusta County, Virginia, United States. Owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections, the facility opened in 1986 and has a working capacity of 1323 prisoners held at a medium security level.

The first reason is that it is severely overcrowded. This overcrowding leads to severe problems such as fights and riots. Moreover, the staff is very unprofessional. Inmates have reported that the staff members often yell at and exploit labor. This makes the inmates feel unsafe and unhappy.

The prison is old and outdated, and it does not have the necessary resources to meet the needs of the inmates. This results in poor sanitation and a lack of access to medical care.

Green Rock Correctional Center

The Green Rock Correctional Center is a level 3 men's facility in Chatham, Virginia. It has a capacity of 1,038 people and is run by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

There are a few reasons why Green Rock Correctional Center in Virginia is considered one of the worst prisons in the country. First, the conditions inside the prison are deplorable. The cells are overcrowded and unsanitary, and the prisoners are often forced to live in cramped, uncomfortable situations.

Indian Creek Correctional Center

The Indian Creek Correctional Center is a medium security prison in Chesapeake, Virginia, specializing in the long-term treatment of incarcerated substance abusers. The prison opened in 1994 and has an average daily population of 1,002 inmates. It is split into six housing units, each with dormitory-style quarters.

The prison is notorious for its high levels of violence, drug use, and terrible living conditions. Inmates often complain about the lack of food and medical care and the constant threat of violence. Moreover, the staff is unprofessional and often hostile, and the inmates are some of the most dangerous in the country.

Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women

The Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women is a female correctional facility run by the Virginia Department of Corrections. It's in unincorporated Fluvanna County, about 55 miles (89 km) north of Richmond, and it has a Troy postal address. As of June 2008, the security level 3 prison housed 1,199 female inmates, including those previously imprisoned on Virginia's women's death row.

In 1999, the American Civil Liberties Union examined sexual misconduct allegations against male correctional officers. The corrections department said it would never consider any consensual relationship between guards and inmates. In June 2009, state senator Frank Ruff asked the department to investigate claims that a correctional facility had denied prisoners access to religious services and targeted lesbian detained.

Red Onion State Prison

ROSP is a supermax state prison that houses around 800 inmates near Pound, Virginia. The VADOC (Virginia Department of Corrections) runs the show, which opened in August 1998. In 1992, plans were revealed to construct a prison on Red Onion Mountain for $52 million. The Pittston Coal Company provided 375 acres of property, stipulating that some mining rights be retained.

Prison is the worst due to human rights violation issues. In Red Onion, according to a Human Rights Watch report from 1999, the state has not upheld fundamental principles of good correctional management and laws protecting offenders from abusive, degrading, or cruel treatment. "Racism, excessive violence, and inhumane conditions reign on the inside," it alleges. In 2001, Amnesty International discovered more human rights violations at Red Onion.

On May 22, 2012, Red Onion State Prison prisoners began a hunger strike highlighting "abusive prison conditions." In which inmates put forward ten demands, including "well-done food," "unrestricted access to complaint and grievance forms," "a decent standard of living," "adequate medical care,” and more.

Wallens Ridge State Prison

The Wallens Ridge State Prison, constructed at over $70 million and located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, houses around 700 inmates. It has been open since April 1999 and is managed by the Virginia Department of Corrections. The prison is indistinguishable from the Red Onion State Prison near Pound. Almost 800 people are employed there.

Wallens Ridge State Prison, Virginia, is considered one of the worst prisons in the United States. The prison has been criticized for its inhumane conditions, lack of medical care, and high levels of violence. Inmates at the jail have reported being denied necessities such as food and water and forced to live in unsanitary conditions. The prison has also been accused of providing inadequate medical care to inmates, leading to the death of several inmates.

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