6 Worst Prisons In The State Of Alaska

What are some of the 6 worst prisons in the state of Alaska? We have discussed the 6 worst prisons in the state of Alaska based on the crime rate and conditions of the prisoners.

6 Worst Prisons In The State of Alaska
Worst Prisons In The State of Alaska

Alaska, despite being less populated, has some of the highest numbers of incarcerated individuals per percentage. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, 718 out of 100,000 people are incarcerated in Alaska, making it one of the highest in the United States of America.

Over the years, prisons in Alaska have had a good reputation since they are relatively well managed and the Alaska Department of Corrections ensures that is how things remain. However, issues do appear now and then and at times they are underlooked by authorities, adding to the agony of inmates.

How many incarcerated individuals are in Alaska prison?

As of 2022, there are over 5,100 people from Alaska that are behind bars. The majority of them are in state prisons in Alaska of about 4,300.

The remaining 510 are in federal prisons, 210 in juvenile centers, and over 100 are in local jails.

How many state correctional facilities are in Alaska?

There are 11 state correctional facilities in Alaska that are stretched across the entire state. All of these prisons are managed and administered by the Alaska Department of Corrections.

In 2005, more than 30% of prisoners were in private prisons in Alaska, however, by 2009 Alaska authorities worked to change it by 2012 all inmates were sent to prisons that are managed by the Alaska Department of Corrections.

What makes prisons in Alaska the worst?

Unlike prisons in other US states, prisons in Alaska are better managed and administered. Rules and regulations are not violated, and inmates are given access to their constitutional rights which ensures when they complete their sentence, they become contributing members of society.

However, problems are still there and oftentimes underlooked by authorities. These problems include:

  • The heating system is not working, especially during the winter.
  • Inmates are not given proper meals.
  • Gang fights inside prisons and other types of violence lead to the loss of life.
  • Understaffing leaves prisons at times at the mercy of remaining inmates.
  • Health facilities often overlook the care they are supposed to give to the patients.
  • Cases of rape.

What are the 6 worst prisons in Alaska?

The following are the 7 worst prisons in Alaska:

Spring Creek Correctional Center:

With a capacity of 500 male inmates, the prison is located in Steward, Alaska. The facility is the only super-maximum security facility in the state of Alaska and therefore houses the worst of the worst inmates in Alaska. The prison made it to the national media when in 2015, a woman killed herself outside of the prison demanding all inmates be freed.

What makes the prison worst is the murders that often take place. Since the number of guards in this prison is less, the facility is often left at the mercy of other violent inmates. In 2004, an inmate named Carl Abuhl killed two inmates after one another. He was later caught and was given an additional sentence of 30 years.

In 2008, another convicted murderer killed his cellmate by beating him. He was later caught and was also made to serve an additional 30 years. The recent riot took place in 2019 where multiple inmates and guards were injured, luckily no deaths were reported.

Over the years, the prison has remained safe and under the control of guards. However, the threat is still always looming and no one is certain when things can take a turn to the worst.

Wildwood Correctional Complex:

Located three miles north of Kenai, Alaska, the complex is a mixed security class that has a capacity of 360 inmates. The facility was made operational in 1983 after a few years of construction delays.

The prison is home to frequent assaults and battery led by both the inmates and by the prison authorities. These assaults are often due to gang fights and gang members targeting one another for numerous reasons.

The prison has also been reported by former inmates as a place where they were kicked to solitary confinement without any due warning or reason. Inmates were also denied access to the educational facilities that they are offered, and were rather made to work for hours they were never paid for.

In the end, this prison is not a friendly place but can be dangerous for multiple reasons.

Goose Creek Correctional Center:

Opened in 2012 and the prison is already filled with controversies. The prison is a minimum security class and can house a total of 1,536 inmates.

One of the main issues this prison faces is it is not made to house maximum security inmates but rather those requiring minimum security. However, since there is only one maximum security prison in Alaska, authorities put some of the dangerous inmates in this prison which is a cause for disruption in this prison.

Over the years, the prison has been reported to have some of the worst violence and gang fights in Alaska prisons. Additionally, drug overdosing is also an issue in this prison where often guards have been found to be involved.

Several guards have been sentenced for drug trafficking and using excessive force on inmates. While things have calmed down over the years due to complaints by other inmates, issues are still persistent in this prison.

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center:

The facility is a mixed male and female facility and offers some of the most comprehensive programs for inmates where they can make the best use of their time. The prison has a capacity of 115. These facilities range from learning computer skills to vocational studies, and other technical skills.

One of the main problems this prison has faced over the years is sexual abuse reported by female inmates. While officials are working their way up to ensure such cases do not occur but they are reported now and then. But since the prison is of small capacity, culprits are often caught and given additional sentences for their wrongdoings.

Fairbanks Correctional Center:

The main task of this prison is to help inmates with substance abuse treatment programs, anger management, and domestic violence courses. The prison is also for both male and female inmates of varying custody levels.

The correctional facility is considered to be one of the best that provides substance abuse courses and has a good turnout as former inmates once completing their time have been reported to become dedicated members of society.

What makes this prison worst is the rampant cases of sexual abuse. Both the female and male inmates have reported they were raped by either guard or by other inmates. The authorities have responded to such complaints seriously but little changes have been done and such cases are rampant, making the sentence of inmates to be nightmarish.

Anchorage Correctional Complex:

Located in Anchorage, Alaska. The prison can house 850 male inmates and has two different complexes, one for minimum security class, usually those who are undergoing trial, and the other for medium security class inmates.

Gang wars, substance abuse, and hygiene issues are what make this prison on the list of worst prisons in Alaska. While authorities have made serious changes, however, not much has been done to ensure the proper security and safety of this prison or its inmates.

This is why cases of violence do appear now and then.

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