Pickaway County Active Inmates: How to search for Active Inmates of Pickaway County Prison

What are some of the active inmate's list in Pickaway county prison? We have share data related to the sheriff's office, how to contact Pickaway county prisons, and everything you need to know about active inmates in Pickaway county jails.

Pickaway County Active Inmates: How to search for Active Inmates of Pickaway County Prison
Pickaway County Active Inmates: How to search for Active Inmates of Pickaway County Prison

Located in Circleville, Ohio, the Pickaway County Jail is a 736-bed regional correctional facility under the supervision of the Sheriff's office of Pickaway County and Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Federal US Marshal, among some other agencies.

This is also why the Pickaway County Jail houses a daily of 481 federal inmates. Pickaway County Sheriff's office is located in Circleville, Ohio, and is run or managed by the Pickaway County Sheriff's office. Pickaway county is a small county in the state of Ohio. Pickaway county is a small county in Ohio with less than 56,000 inhabitants.

What is the percentage of male and female inmates in Pickaway County Jail?

While there is no fixed percentage as both the male and female inmates change depending upon the number of crimes and arrests made by officials daily. However, a consensus suggests that most inmates are male offenders while female offenders are in the minority.

Usually, the difference is 80% to 20%, with 80% male offenders and 20% female offenders.

How to search for active Inmate search at Pickaway County Jail?

Outsiders can acquire information about inmates housed at Pickaway County Jail through multiple avenues. The most common one is the official Pickaway County Jail’s main website. This website is the most updated source that anyone can use.

You can also inquire about information by calling the Pickaway County Jail at the following number: 740-477-6156.

How can you send mail to an inmate at Pickaway County Jail?

Inmates at the Pickaway County Jail can send and receive emails from friends and family. The mail is processed through the US postal service. Authorities at Pickaway County Jail have the right to block the mail if they find anything suspicious; therefore, to ensure your mail reaches the inmate you are sending it to, the best practice is to ensure it is brief and to the right point. It is written in single handwriting, and no colors are used.

The Pickaway County Jail also does not allow contrabands if they are found inside the mail envelope.

All incoming mails to Pickaway County Jail must comprise a return address. Otherwise, they will not be delivered to the relevant inmates.

  • The mailing address is:
  • [Inmate Name]
  • Pickaway County Jail
  • 600 Island Road
  • PO Box 340, Circleville, OH, 43113

Are outside visits allowed at Pickaway County Jail?

Yes. The Pickaway County Jail allows for outside visits to take place physically and online from the friends and family of an inmate.

Visitors need to contact the authorities 24 hours earlier to visit someone at Pickaway County Jail and book an appointment.

  • Onsite visits are allowed only on weekdays during the following time: 0830 am and 0420 pm.
  • Online visits can happen on any day of the week between 0830 am and 0850 pm. Inmates can set up a call account and purchase prepaid phone services. The account can be created by visiting the website: www.securustech.net or www.icsolutions.com - or phone number: 740-477-6156. It is necessary to ensure all of the required fields are completed.

For onsite physical visits, the following things are to be kept in mind:

  • Visitors are advised to wear formal attire.
  • Visitors are only allowed a 45-minute long visit.
  • Visitors have to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes earlier than their visit.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring any food items with them, nor any electronic devices.
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol are not allowed.
  • The staff has the right to deny, change, or even cancel a visit at any time.
  • Visitors have to connect a few minutes early to complete testing for online calls.
  • If the visitor’s internet connection is terminated, they will not be refunded.
  • Visitors under 18 are allowed only on one condition; they must be accompanied and supervised by an authorized adult visitor.
  • Guards will ask to show a valid ID. It can be a driver's license, state, or military ID.

What is the contact information of the Sheriff's office at Pickaway County?

The following is the contact information of the Sheriff’s office at Pickaway County:

  • 600 Island Road, Circleville, Ohio, 43113
  • Phone Number: 740-477-6000
  • Fax Number: 740-474-1798
  • Website: https://calhounscsheriff.com/

What programs are offered at Pickaway County Jail?

The Pickaway County Jail does not offer many programs. This is because the inmates serving this jail are not here for long.

However, basic education and therapy programs are offered to ensure upon the release of an inmate, they become a dedicated member of society.

This is also because an inmate undergoing a trial is sent to state prison if they have a longer sentence to serve.

How to send money to an inmate at Pickaway County Jail?

Inmates at the Pickaway County Jail are allowed to have accounts through which they can purchase small items at the commissaries of the jail. These items range from hygiene products to snacks, stamps, candy, and haircuts.

These are the following ways through which you can submit or send money to someone at Pickaway County Jail:

  • ONLINE: to send money to an inmate online, you will need to first create an account on the website of JPAY and then deposit the sum into the inmate’s account.
  • TELEPHONE: you can send money to an inmate through phone deposits. To do this, you will need to call the following number: 740-477-6156
  • ONSITE DEPOSITS: you can deposit money on-site at the kiosk in the Pickaway County Jail’s lobby. The kiosk does not accept cards, and if you need assistance, you will need to contact the guard on duty.

Does Pickaway County Jail offer a mobile app?

Yes. The Pickaway County Jail offers a free mobile application on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

The app's purpose is to ensure the public can receive information regarding what’s happening in the inmate and other important updates. The Sheriff’s office recommends family and friends download the application and be informed.

What type of food is offered at Pickaway County Jail?

The food offered at Pickaway County Jail is very basic and designed to ensure it meets the basic nutritious requirements of the inmates.

Pickaway County Jail makes special meals during special occasions, but those occasions are reserved and depend on budget cuts and surplus.

How much does the bond cost in Pickaway County Jail?

The following are the bond rates at Pickaway County Jail:

  • Felony Bonds Active Inmates in Pickaway county:

First Degree


Second Degree


Third Degree


Fourth Degree


Fifth Degree


  • Misdemeanor Bonds Active Inmates in Pickaway county:

Second Degree


Third Degree


Fourth Degree


Minor Misdemeanor


  • Bond Fine Schedule for Alcohol-Related Driving Offenses:

First Offense


Second Offense Within 6 Years


Third Offense Within 6 Years


For Test Refusals – O.R.C. 4511.19 – To The Above Noted Bonds Add The Following


Second Offense Within 6 Years


Second Offense Within 6 Years


Second Offense Within 6 Years


The following are the important things to keep in mind while submitting a bond:

  • The amount of the bond is decided by the judge.
  • Bondsmen charge a 10% commission fee.
  • All bonds issued at Pickaway County Jail need to be of cash or surety bonds.

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