Byrd Unit Texas: Everything You Need To Know About This Facility

Everything You Need to Understand about Byrd Unit Texas facllity. The address, visiting hours, and how to send money. Byrd Unit Texas prison.

Byrd Unit Texas - Everything You Need to Know about this Facility
Byrd Unit Texas - Everything You Need to Know about this Facility

The Byrd Unit, based within Huntsville, Texas, is a classification as well as diagnostic prison. Founded in the year 1962 and opened in 1964, the prison is named after a previous warden known as James H. Byrd. However, few details are known as to why he became the inspiration for the facility’s name.

The Byrd prison is where male inmates are condemned to death or given life sentences ranging from 50 years to more. The majority of inmate cases come here without the chance of parole, or their parole is first processed here.

This article is meant to briefly introduce the Byrd Unit in Texas, allowing you to understand how you can send money to prisoners, how to visit the prison, and a few other important things about the prison.

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Rehabilitation facilities at Byrd Unit Texas:

Most offenders that come to the James Byrd Prison have a short stay; this is why the prison does not offer many rehab programs, and the majority are restricted to a few inmates.

Whereas for those in prison who stay longer, opportunities for them are opened, including adult education, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and chaplain services.

The facility further provides the inmates with medical, dental, and some mental health care services.

The capacity of the Byrd Unit Texas:

In total, the prison has over 1,300 to 1,365 male inmates capacity. The inmates belong to G1, G2, and the temporary unclassified criminals.

The prison is stretched over 93 acres or 38 hectares.

How to find an Inmate at Byrd Unit Texas:

There can be multiple reasons why someone wants to know the information and location of a prisoner. This can range from finding a lost family member to doing research on a particular crime to having to meet a friend. Regardless, finding an inmate at Byrd Unit Texas is not that difficult despite the prison not having an exclusive search bar, which most prisons in the United States of America do.

However, the Texas Department of Corrections makes it easier, you can use your website and find the inmate that you are looking for, including the basic information about the crime they conducted. There is a variety of inputs you can put on the Texas Department of Corrections website, including:

  • Partial first or last name of the inmate
  • The inmate number of the prisoner offered by the Texas Department of Corrections
  • The SID number of the Inmate

For the best results, it is recommended to use the SID number since this is a particular number of each prisoner and therefore is bound to give you the most active and updated result.

Along with this, it also provides you with some basic information as to when you can visit them and when not. Secondly, with the use of first or last name, there is a chance you may make some error with the person’s name and thus reduce the results. However, it has been reported several times that people do get decent results.

While you will be given plenty of information about the inmate, please note that the Byrd Unit Texas is where you will not find inmates who are formally charged with a crime or found guilty of that crime; since the majority of the inmates have an ongoing case in the court or are facing a judge or jury.

Lastly, if someone is seeking information about the inmate as they have been the victim of a crime, they have done it. The Texas Department of Correction does offer some programs where it is allowed for the victim to receive different kinds of written notifications about the prisoner. This can include their health status, the activities they are doing or are interested to do in prison, their release date, and their behavior.

As a victim, you can also visit the prisoner if you want some reconciliation or want to forgive. To receive these notifications, the Texas Department of Corrections has made several options available to you, ranging from email, phone calls, or text messages.

Is Byrd Unit Texas a release unit?

Byrd Unit Texas is the main unit for the male inmates for taking and processing unit, all the inmates who are sentenced to death or have life sentences are required to be in the Byrd Unit Texas to complete their tenure and you can't be released without the possibility of parole.

Contact information about the Byrd Unit:

To get in touch with an inmate from Byrd Unit, Texas, there are three ways you can do so, which include the following:

1. Visits to Byrd Unit Texas:

Although the offenders are confined for a minimal amount of time at the Byrd Unit, the visitors are only allowed if the inmate has been for more than 30 days and has completed their intake. Such defendants are then allowed to have a physical visit by their loved ones, which is only guaranteed on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm.

The physical address of Byrd Unit, Texas, is:

Byrd Unit, Texas

21 FM 247

Huntsville, TX 77320

2. Phone Calls:

Apart from physical visits, you can contact your inmate via a phone call. However, there are some restrictions and you will have to follow a standard procedure.

You will have to enlist your phone number at the Byrd Unit’s contact information provided below. You can also enroll your phone number online. Remember that the contact number you enlist belongs to a mobile phone or a landline.

Inmates are able to use their phones from 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. However, there are sometimes routine inspections or maintenance, so on those days, the inmate may not be able to take a phone call.

Apart from the call to the lawyer, all calls are subject to recording and monitoring.

The duration of each call is limited to 20 minutes.

The telephone number of Byrd Unit Texas is:


3. Sending a Mail to Byrd Unit, Texas:

Family and friends can write and send letters to the inmate in the Byrd Texas unit. However, all the mail will be checked and then delivered to the inmate. Also, the replies are not always guaranteed and the inmates can only reply to their close family members that too with the warden’s authorization.

Delivering a mail should include the offender’s entire name, their Texas Department of Criminal Justice Number (TDCJ), and the facility’s address where they are locked.

The standard format of the mail is as follows:

Inmate Name, TDCJ Number

Facility/Unit Name

PO Box, or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

The inmate mailing address of Byrd Unit Texas is:

*Inmate Name, ID Number*

Byrd Unit

21 FM 247

Huntsville, TX 77320

Byrd Unit Reviews by inmates:

The following is one of the reviews of the inmates who were an offender in Byrd Unit Texas:

I was an offender at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison System. I worked at the "Byrd Unit,Outside Sales Warehouse for 4 years and learned most if not all the general warehouse duties which included shipping and recieving, stocking, pulling orders from pick lists. Forklift operation,;oading and unloading supply trucks and checking for damaged products,as well as inventory count and material handling.
I was trained on electric forklifts,pallet jacks and stand-up order pickers. My time while learning a new trade was spent getting to know how to do things in a different manner than which i was accustomed to. The Supervisors who taught me were very knowledgable and informidable. I have recieved 4 different on the job training certificates,"Material Handler"."Warehouseman","Heavy Truck Operator, forklift, electric pallet-jack and up-right order picker." As well as Simi truck operator. I do not have an CDL lic. We had once a year Christmas feasts for the warehouse workers. Source.

Pros and Cons of working or being an inmate in Byrd Unit, Texas:

The followings are some of the pros and cons of being an inmate or an officer in the Byrd Unit, Texas:

Pros of Byrd Unit:

  • Free food for officers and inmates.
  • It is one of the cleanest Units.
  • Paid time off for the officers working there.

Cons of Byrd Unit:

  • It is a very dangerous unit.
  • Also, there are not enough activities for the inmates to spend time on.

Sending money to an inmate at Byrd Unit, Texas:

There are many reasons why an inmate will require some money from you. It is for them to be able to spend time at the prison store where they can eat some meals and buy some necessities, including personal hygiene and reading materials, to pass the time.

There are two ways through which money can be sent to the inmates. These include the websites JPay and TouchPay, where you will have to make an account and register the TDCJ number of the inmate to whom you are to send money. The website method is fast and convenient. Your bank account will connect immediately, so you can send money conveniently.

The second way is through the mail. However, this process is not used anymore since it is slow and tedious.

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