How Many Federal Prisons In the State of Texas?

There are many prisons in texas. Learn more about How many federal prisons there are in Texas, the state of US.

How many federal prisons there are in Texas?
How many federal prisons there are in Texas?

Unlike facing state charges in the state of Texas, the due process of Federal charges is much different and a bit complex. Federal courts operate entirely on a different system than state courts largely due to the federal criminal codes being much more different along with their sentencing guidelines.

Additionally Federal prisons operate much differently than those that are operated and administered by the state of Texas and this is because of the budget constraints; also the federal parole requires the majority of sentences to be served before the release of the convicted.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons BOP also has different operational standards and oversees different sorts of rehabilitation programs than the Texas Department of Criminal Justice TDCJ.

How do Federal Courts operate in Texas?

In Texas, there are subdivisions of Federal Courts which are divided into four different districts. Within each district, there are additional divisions of which each of which is housed in a federal courthouse. These four districts are as follows:

  • The Northern District of Texas is the one that covers the northern portion of the state of Texas and stretches towards the central part of the state.
  • The Western District of Texas is the one that covers the westernmost tip of the state and borders the northern district to the south and reaches Dallas.
  • The Eastern District of Texas is the one that sits at the Arkansas border and stretches all the way until it meets the easternmost part of the northern and western districts.
  • The Southern District of Texas centers all the way from Houston and occupies the southeast corner of the state.

In all district divisions, each state has its own United States Attorney who will serve as the prosecuting attorney which is appointed by the President of the United States and has dozens of deputies working under them.

Each Attorney has prosecutors working under them and given if the US develops a case against any Texan, the Attorney has full authority to rely upon the resources given by federal agencies and local law enforcement.

How many Federal Prisons are in the state of Texas:

At the moment, in 2022, the state of Texas houses over 18 stand alone federal prisons. All of these federal prisons are overseen by the Federal Bureau of Prisons or BOP. In total, there are 14,678 inmates that are housed in federal prisons in Texas in 2022.

Since Texas has the highest number of citizens incarcerated, this is also a reason why the number of Federal Prisons in Texas is also the highest. Texas Federal Prisons are subdivided into six different categories depending upon the kind of criminal that they house. These include:

High-Security Federal Prisons in Texas:

  • USP Beaumont: United States Penitentiary Beaumont is a high-level security prison that is located in Beaumont, Texas, and is overseen by the South Central Regional Office. It houses 1,078 male inmates. This is the only high-security federal prison in Texas and therefore houses high-profile criminals who are there to serve long-term sentences.

Medium Security Federal Prisons in Texas:

  • FCI Beaumont Medium: Federal Correctional Institution Beaumont Medium is a medium-security level federal prison that houses 1,455 male inmates.
  • FCI Three Rivers: Federal Correctional Institution Three Rivers is a medium-security level federal prison that houses 888 male inmates.

Low & Minimum Security Federal Prisons in Texas:

  • FCI Bastrop: This is a low & minimum level federal security prison that houses 1,198 male inmates.
  • FCI Beaumont Low: This federal prison houses 1,446 male inmates and comprises a medical care level 2 prison. It is both a low and minimum-level federal security prison.
  • FCI Big Spring: This is both a low and minimum-level federal security prison that houses 927 male inmates and comprises a medical care level 2 prison.
  • FCI Seagoville: Federal Correctional Institution Seagoville is located in Seagoville. It houses 1,696 male inmates. It is both a low and minimum-level prison.
  • FCI Texarkana: Federal Correctional Institution Texarkana is located in Texarkana, Texas. It houses 866 male inmates. It is both a low and minimum-level prison.

Administrative Security Federal Prisons in Texas:

FMC Carswell:

The Federal Medical Center Carswell is a medical facility that serves only female inmates. It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is the only women’s medical facility in the state of Texas designed to serve the special medical needs of female inmates.

In addition, the facility also offers different life connections programs that are nondisciplinary spiritual personal development programs emphasizing responsibility and positive values.

FMC Fort Worth:

Opened in 1971, the Federal Medical Center is present in Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Texas. The medical facility serves male inmates of all security levels that have special physical and mental health needs.

Additionally, the facility provides the inmates with access to GED, ESL, and adult continuing education programs. Prisoners also have access to both the indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities along with this there is also a special holistic health focus.

FDC Houston:

Federal Detention Center Houston is located within downtown Houston, Texas that is located near minute maid park. The administrative level detention facility is for both male and female detainees that have all security statuses. The BOP does not detain inmates here for a long duration but rather for the outcome of the trial and this is why most of the detainees are either released or transferred to another federal prison.

Private Federal Prisons in Texas:

CI Big Spring

This low-security prison for male inmates is an adjacent minimum-security prison camp that is located in Big Spring, Texas. The prison is operated by GEO Group and gives the inmates access to literacy, academic and vocational opportunities.

Prisoners have to do different duties that they are assigned and therefore must perform them unless they are medically excused.

CI Giles W. Dalby

Correctional Institution Giles W. Dalby is located in Garza County, Texas. It is a private prison that is operated by M&TC or Management and Training Corporation. It houses 1,600 male inmates and offers GED and ESL classes for the inmate population.

CI Reeves 1 & 2:

Correctional Institution Reeves 1 and 2 are immigration detention facilities that are located in Reeves County Detention Complex three miles southwest of Pecos, Texas. It was opened in 1986 and serves male offenders most of whom have sentences of between one and five years and are incarcerated due to drug or immigration offenses.

DC Reeves

Detention Center Reeves is a low-security detention facility for male inmates. The offenders in this private prison are there for a short stay and have access to GED, Adult Basic Education, and ESL classes. This is the only federally run detention center in the state of Texas, and among the very few in the entire United States of America.

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