10 Worst Prisons In The State of Connecticut

What are some Worst Prisons In The State of Connecticut? We have listed the 10 worst prisons in Connecticut state based on crime rate and the hygiene of prisoners.

10 Worst Prisons In The State of Connecticut
10 Worst Prisons In The State of Connecticut

What are some of the worst prisons in the State of Connecticut? Here in this article, we have listed the 7 prisons or jails in Connecticut state that are the worst. Why a prison is marked as the worst?

There are multiple metrics like the number of crimes, how violent the prisoners in that prison are, and the living condition offered by the prison management to the prisoners.

1. Robison correction institute

Robison correction institute is a 3-level medium-security prison in Connecticut. It was open in 1985 and can hold up to 1473 inmates at a time. But now it is rebuilt for the upgrading of the security measurements. Due to this, the capacity of inmates has been reduced to 880 inmates only.

Robison correction institute houses inmates who are sentenced for their crimes as well as pre-trial offenders. It has a correction facilitation program that helps the inmates educate, make them better people, and have a good life after the sentence ends. Or, if the inmates are good, their sentence can be reduced on the basis of their good performance in the facility center.

Robison correction institute still needs improvement as the inmates are not allowed always to see their relatives or friends who have come to visit them. And there is no specific timing for anything.

Inmates can’t do anything but follow the calls for things as it is being announced in the speakers of the prison. The facility programs are expensive to hold, so the budget is cut from the cells of the inmates as they will have old uncomfortable beds and low medical facilities for which no action can be taken regarding this issue. Because the program offered will be closed if anything goes to action because funds will be moved to other places instead of being used in rehabilitation and correction programs.

2. York correctional institute

York correctional institute was initially opened in 1918 for male and female inmates both. Still, it was closed and reopened in October 1994 with a maximum level of security and only for females. It is the only state prison for “women only” in Connecticut. It has the capacity to hold 1515 inmates.

This prison was closed due to the long five days riot that took place in the prison due to inequality between the inmates. Where inmates were treated and rewarded based on their skin color, this riot took the life of 43 prisoners and caused the death of more than 50 staff/guards of the prison.

This riot took hostage more than 1200 inmates, and most of the inmates were beaten and remained bleeding and severe injuries. This riot made the prison so that it needed to be closed and checked for security measures and reopened after all was taken care of.

3. Hartford correctional institute

Hartford correctional institute was opened in 1977. It operates and is controlled by the Connecticut Department of Correction. It houses all the adult and juvenile prisoners altogether. There are programs offered to both of them but separately. The online course is being offered to juveniles, so they have a better life after completing sentence time, and adults are offered rehabilitation and online courses.

Hartford correctional institute is known for its death of juvenile prisoners. In 2022, an inmate was struggling to death by the lack of oxygen in their cell.

When investigating the reason for death known from the autopsy said that there was swelling in the brain due to lack of oxygen, and when it got worse, he fainted. He was taken out of the cell and given CPR, and when he didn’t respond, he was taken to the hospital. Medical experts still couldn’t identify the young man's death time during all these.

And their parents were calling for death, and he was blamed for his own death, not the cell or prison, but the autopsy declared that it was due to prison cell and the mismanagement of the cell he was kept in.

4. Corrigan-Rogowski Correction institute

Corrigan-Rogowski Correction institute was opened in 1994 to facilitate male offenders in Connecticut. It was open to avoid overcrowding in the other prisons. It can hold up to 1586 prisoners at the time. It is equipped with 1900 employees for the security of the prison and has a level 3 medium security level under the Connecticut Department of Correction.

In December 2022, a guard was heavily injured by an inmate in a heated argument between the inmates and guards. The guard was later on hospitalized, and no inmates were charged or held accountable for it. But the Connecticut Department of Correction send former officers for more security of the prison and to level up security to avoid any more beating among inmates and guards.

There are still many inmates involved in beating the officers in prison and leading them to hospitalization, but no death has been recorded. But it poses the main threat to its prison management and guards.

5. Osborn correctional institute

Osborn correctional institute is also known as Connecticut Correctional Institution. It was open in 1963 with the capacity of 1900 inmates. It was designed for only males. And operated and ran under the Connecticut Department of Correction. And it offers correction facilities and also rehabilitation facilities to its inmates. And which might reduce their sentence time if they perform well at it.

Osborn correctional institute is a rehabilitation and correctional institute, but it is also a death bed for a few of the inmates. On January 9, a 36-year-old inmate has found dead, and after their dead body was found, two of the nurses left on administration leave.

The inmate was sentenced to burglary, and at the time of arrest, he fell down from a height and which caused him to suffer from contusion. While in prison, his condition was getting worse and worse. Still, it was reported that everything was taken care of, resulting in his death due to mistreatment and no real medical treatment received time or anytime at the imprisonment.

6. Cheshire correctional institute

Cheshire correctional institute was established in 1913 with a capacity of 158 inmates. It is the first prison in Cheshire city only for male inmates who are sentenced to their crimes.

In 1994, Cheshire correctional institute had a gang that ignited a riot in prison, which was the reason for the two high-profile prisoner death and a few others. During this riot, the member reported the beating of many of the staff and guards, but not a single death of staff members or guards happened. A gang war within the prison happened between the aggression of two gang members where one member was transferred from Hartford to Cheshire correctional institute. After it, there was always a fight, but then it came out to be a riot.

Now the prison is highly secured, and if any gangs are being formatted, they are dissolved by force or transferred to other prisons for the maximum level of security.

7. MacDougall-walker Correctional institution

MacDougall-walker Correctional institution is the largest and most populous prison in Connecticut. As it facilitates all the adult and high profiling prisoners with a maximum of 5 level security measurements. It was established and opened in 2001 and was declared the largest prison in Connecticut at the opening ceremony. Which has the capacity to hold about 2050 prisoners.

But it has housed a prisoner Michael Cox, who was charged with the murder of many with a sentence of 75 years( lifetime prison) but later on, it was the jail that reduced his sentence and declared that he would be free on 2056 or before the time depending on his behaviors in prison.