5 Worst Prisons In The State of Colorado

What are some of the worst prisons in the state of Colorado? We have listed 5 of the worst prisons based on many metrics that are worst or have very bad conditions for prisoners.

Worst Prisons In The State of Colorado
Worst Prisons In The State of Colorado

Colorado is one of the states in the USA with a total of 21 prisons. Of those 21, 19 states own and operate by state, while the rest are privately owned prisons. These all are operating under the Department of Correction, Colorado. Colorado is a peaceful and beautiful place to live in, but crime has its fair share too. So, few prisons can make a living impossible for its inmate. Prison tends to reform an inmate into a better person.

Still, it becomes hell for the same inmate when Prison management is corrupted, Gangs are facilitated, and guards are fewer in numbers. In prison, you can say that management is the heart of the prison. There are much worse prisons everywhere in the world, like in Colorado. So, let's have a look at a few of them:

1. Administrative Maximum Facility (Florence):

Administrative Maximum Facility is considered the most brutal federal prison in the country. It houses the most extreme prisoner, bombers, murderers, and Other serious Offenders. But as it is toughest from the outside, it's not the same as you go inside.

The management there isn't cooperative with the staff and guards. And as some of the inmates are high-profile prisoners, they have their gangs and influence the management, due to which the guards and the staff are underpaid and given overtime work without consent.

But all the facilities are provided to high-profile prisoners as they provide "financial assistance" to management, who decide the distribution of facilities amongst inmates. So, inmates who aren't in the gang will be treated brutally by the authorities and gangs. Riot and gang fights mostly end up beating upon an inmate who has no gang or isn't strong enough to protect himself.

2. Colorado State Penitentiary (Canon City)

Colorado State Penitentiary was established in 1993 in Canon City, with the total number of beds being 756. It is close to the Museum of Colorado Prisons, next to the prison. And many are confused between the jail and the museum. But this prison is nothing like the museum.

It is strictly confined as the inmates can only leave their cell for one hour a day. And as per building, there is supposed to be one person per cell, but there is more than one prisoner in each cell, which makes it overcrowded and not a livable environment.

This environment is not safe for inmates but also for the staff and guards too. Because its daily operations are constantly being affected by the headquarter. And due to its management of the whole prison, chaos can lead to anything from riots to fights to anything worse.

There is another prison too but Colorado State Penitentiary has priority over others because the museum is right next to it, so it is highly guarded against out so no one escape, and dangerous to the life of innocent that are right next to it.

3. Sterling Correctional Facility (Sterling):

Sterling Correctional Facility is a prison located in Sterling, Colorado. It has a capacity of 2585. Most prisoners are on death row. And all who are moving here will sooner or later be transferred to Canon City.

The top management of the prison is all related to one another. So, there is no support from the top management until it is for their relatives.

To employees, it is more like a family business than a correction facility/prison. And due to this relation influence, it is difficult for the employees and guards to be there. Because there is no pay raise, employees are underpaid. And no support from the top management.

And inmates are running their gang because the top management does not care as long as it doesn't bother them. So, gang fights, riots, and many other things are going down there.

And all the top management is there but for nothing. The employees who are there and not related to them will never be promoted, and others will be hired at minimum wages to make the most benefit for the top management.

This also affects the inmates and makes it harder for them to be there because if anything happens, no decision will be taken, and all inmates will be stuck in prison with no escape or assistance. And everyone will be blamed and punished for it with no reference whatsoever.

4. Camp George West Historic District (Golden):

Camp George West Historic District opened in 1903 and covered land of 40 hectares. Camp George West Historic District was a military base that later became a prisoner's facilitation center.

And now, it is used for rifle range shooting, Colorado National Guard-turned emergency operations center, police academy, and prison. Being here is not deadly for the inmate, but their space is limited due to other activities. And making a gang here is difficult but getting necessities on time is also problematic.

For staff, This is a terrible place because they have a lot of work which is not only in prison but others too that are joined together as one. So, staff must look after prison and all other things at once.

5. La Vista Correctional Facility (Pueblo):

La Vista Correctional Facility was opened in April 2006. It is in prison, especially for women only, with 564 inmates. All operations are running and executed by the Colorado Department of Corrections.

The prison is even prison for the employees as the salary is meager to nearly nothing. And there's a lot of work being taken from employees. And the management treats the guards and inmates the same way. The difference is inmates stay in the cell, and guards leave the prison daily after work. The working hours are constantly extended for the employees.

Due to this, the inmates have superiority over the guards; guards have no support from anyone and are alone here. At the same time, inmates group up for their luxury sand benefit. Some guards are with the inmates to facilitate them and help them to be in a better place than others.

There's no respect for inmates between other because inmates and guards are always in a fight, and there is no environment to be calm.

You will not get anything if you are alone because all will be lost between guards and inmates grouping and fighting. And for the employees, the environment is hostile and not workable, and due to all this, the ratio between the inmates to guards is meager, so the inmates number guards and make it easy for an inmate to get what they want.

This is a female prison, but the things going on here are hardcore due to the management mismanagement and the employees being in hostile conditions.

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