10 Worst Prisons In The State of Idaho

What are some of the 10 worst prisons in the state of Idaho? This article discusses the 10 worst prisons in Idaho based on prison hygiene and crime rates.

7 Worst Prisons In The State of Idaho
Worst Prisons In The State of Idaho

Idaho is known for its majestic landscapes and pristine wilderness, but another side to the state isn't often discussed. But did you know that Idaho has some of the worst prisons in the country?

This post will discuss the worst prisons in Idaho and what makes them the worst.

Why are Prisons in the State of Idaho worst?

  • According to recent reports, inmates in Idaho prisons experience high levels of violence.
  • Inmates receive inadequate healthcare and education.
  • There is a lack of necessities in these prisons.

Overview of Prisons in the state of Idaho

The Idaho prison system has a long and varied history, dating back to the late 1800s. In that time, the system has undergone several changes in its organization and the way it operates.

One of the earliest prisons in Idaho was built in 1885 in Boise. Then in 1917, the state opened its first women's prison, which was located in Pocatello. That same year, the state began using the "convict lease" system, under which inmates were leased out to private businesses for manual labor. This practice continued until 1923, when it was abolished due to public outcry over the conditions faced by inmates leased out to sugar beet farms.

After the late 1980s, all of Idaho's prisons were under the jurisdiction of a single agency called the Department of Correction (DOC). This change marked a shift from a decentralized system in which a separate agency or department operated each prison.

Till 2020, Idaho's main prisons were operated by three private companies: CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America), GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut Corporation), and Management & Training Corporation (MTC). These companies are responsible for housing over 7,000 inmates in 20 different facilities across the state.

List of prisons in the state of Idaho

  • Idaho State Correctional Institution
  • East Boise Correctional Center
  • Idaho State Maximum Security Institution
  • Pocatello Women's Correctional Center
  • South Boise Women's Correctional Center
  • The Bonneville County Jail

Idaho State Correctional Institution

The Idaho State Correctional Institution (ISCI), also known as "The Yard," is a men's state prison in unincorporated Ada County, Idaho, near Kuna. It is one of six residential detention centers known as the "South Boise Prison Complex," located in the desert five miles south of the Boise Airport.

ISCI is the oldest prison still in use in the state and has a capacity of 1,446 inmates. The infirmary, outpatient mental health services, and senior care facilities have special-use beds for their residents. The reception and diagnostic unit (RDU) of the Idaho State Correctional Institution is the entry point for all men entering Idaho's prison system. ISCI was opened in December 1973 to serve as the state prison after serious riots destroyed much of the century-old Idaho State Penitentiary in east Boise.

The prison has a long history of riots cases. The riots in the summer of 1980 caused extensive damage, totaling around $2 million. The majority of this destruction occurred in the maximum security area.

East Boise Correctional Center

East Boise Community Reentry Center is a State Prison located in Boise, Idaho, that houses female offenders. The minimum and community security level facility opened in 1980 and has 100 maximum bed capacity per building.

The East Boise Community Re-Entry Center is a minimum-security facility for adult female inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence with the Idaho Department of Corrections. This center, which can house up to 150 residents preparing for release, is located in East Boise, Idaho.

The primary purpose of community reentry centers in Idaho is to help residents successfully return to their families and communities. These facilities also provide an extra layer of security for the public by holding residents accountable and ensuring their safety.

The prison is known worst because of mistreatment and not qualified doctors in the center. The staff at East Boise Correctional Center is often unprofessional and disrespectful. They are known for being rude and abusive towards inmates.

Idaho State Maximum Security Institution

The Idaho Maximum Security Institution (IMSI) is a maximum-security prison near Kuna, Idaho. It is one of seven detention facilities in the "South Boise Prison Complex." IMSI houses Idaho's death row for men and execution chamber. The IMSI prison was designed to house Idaho's most violent offenders when it opened in November 1989.

The facility is fenced with a double perimeter wall, razor wire, an electronic detection system, and a 24-hour armed perimeter watch. The population consists of several mental health offenders who are subjects of civil commitments. There are 30 beds set aside for prisoners with severe mental illnesses.

There are many reasons why Idaho's Maximum Security Institution is the worst. The staff at Idaho Maximum Security Institution is also notoriously unprofessional and abusive. Inmates have reported being denied basic medical care. The conditions at Idaho Maximum Security Institution are so bad that human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned them.

Pocatello Women's Correctional Center.

The Pocatello Women's Correctional Center is located in the city of Pocatello, Idaho, part of Bannock County. It was formerly known as the Pocatello State Prison until 1988. The Homestead, the Medium office, and Ancora are three of the five units in this office. Detainees may receive medical, mental, and dental care as well as professional and educational classes regardless of their status. This office currently houses more than 289 adult males.

The Pocatello Women's Correctional Center has a long history of being one of the worst prisons in Idaho. It has been rated as one of the worst prisons in the entire country. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is how the prison is run.

The prison is overcrowded and understaffed, so the prisoners are not getting the care and attention they need. The conditions of imprisonment are terrible, and the prisoners are often treated badly.

South Boise Women's Correctional Center

South Boise Women's Correctional Center (SBWCC) is a State Prison located in Kuna, Idaho, that began housing women offenders in 2002. It has a capacity for 287 inmates and provides services to those convicted of crimes under Idaho state and federal law.

The South Boise Women's Correctional Center, located in Kuna, Idaho, is a treatment and transitioning center for female inmates. Minimum security female inmates close to release can receive pre-release counseling and preparation at the institution, which has a capacity of approximately 284 inmates.

Prison is the worst in human right violence and has been charged with many lawsuits. The department also has been suffering from the issue of being understaffed, lack of healthcare, etc.

The Bonneville County Jail

The Bonneville County Jail, located at 900 Environmental Way in Idaho Falls, ID, opened its doors to the public in November 1998. When it was first built, there were 284 beds available for inmates, with an additional 64 beds set aside specifically for those taking part in the Work Release program. In 2009, things changed a bit when the Wood Pilot Project moved into the jail and expanded upon the already existing Work Detail program.

This expansion increased inmate productivity and access to employment opportunities, substance abuse treatment options, and mental health support services. Thanks to these changes, operational capacity increased by 533 beds.

The Bonneville County Jail is the worst because of its conditions, staff, and policies. The jail conditions are unsanitary and inhumane, the staff is unprofessional and often abusive, and the policies are unfair and discriminatory.

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