Can You Get Prescribed Xanax in Prison?

What type of medication is recommended in Prison? Can you get Xanax in Prison? We have explained details and give you idea to get different medication in Prison.

Can You Get Prescribed Xanax in Prison?
Can You Get Prescribed Xanax in Prison?

Being in prison can be frustrating, especially if you have never been there. Spending time in jail can lead to mental health problems, and many experience insomnia during their first few weeks. And thus, people wonder, "Can you get prescribed Xanax in prison?” No, you cannot get Xanax prescribed in prison.

Sometimes, inmates may also need Xanax if they are already taking it. You cannot stop taking Xanax at once, as it can cause further mental health issues. Thus, Xanax withdrawal is important gradually to avoid any repercussions. So, can you get Xanax for withdrawal from prison? What are other drugs you can get in prison easily?

Keep reading to know everything about drugs in prison.

Which Medicines Can You Get in Prison?

You cannot get many medicines in prison; most are over-the-counter. The available medicines for inmates in jail include Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Claritan, etc. However, you cannot get opiates or benzodiazepines.

Can You Get Prescribed Xanax in Prison?

While we mentioned that you cannot get Xanax in prison for minor issues, the prison only prescribes opioid medication for terminal illnesses; it is often also prescribed to inmates for pain management, as the doctor recommends. These inmates are usually assigned to the transitional care unit when receiving such medication.

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The primary reason behind not providing Xanax and similar medicines to a high number of prisoners is the increase in addicts. Most are already addicted to different substances, while others do it to make their time easier in jail. Due to this reason, sometimes the jail management does not even give adequate pain management treatment when they are skeptical about the condition. Furthermore, the risk of overdosing always remains, pushing prison healthcare to keep prisoners away from these drugs.

Can You Get Other Mental Health Drugs in Prison?

Yes, you can get other mental health drugs in prison.

Most prisons provide non-narcotic mental health drugs to prisoners, the most-prescribed medication in jail. Many inmates hide medicines like BuSpar, Remeron, and Seroquel in their mouths when given their medicines and snort them later. These medicines are somewhat easier to get, and many prisoners fake the symptoms to get them; the jail does not shy away from giving these medicines to protect other inmates from any harm.

How do Prison Inmates Get Prescription Medications?

Though you know the answer to “Can you get prescribed Xanax in prison,” it is important to know that you can get other prescription medicines in jail.

Medicines in prisons are not prescribed just by mentioning your symptoms to the warden. Instead, you must fill up the HSR form in the morning during the daily sick call movement. After submitting the form, you might have to wait for days and weeks before a nurse assesses your condition and confirms you need that medication. Doctors are not that easily available, and you might have to call sick numerous times to get an appointment, which might take weeks.

The process for obtaining physical and mental health medication is the same, considering that jails usually only give non-narcotics. Getting a high-dose medication or opioid will require meeting a psychologist numerous times, followed by a psychiatrist visit. A board then decides if you should get the medicine or not.

Sometimes, inmates try harming themselves or their fellows to get these medicines faster, but that comes with a price. You might be sent to a different, high-security facility or might be on drugs you did not anticipate.

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How to Survive in Prison without Xanax?

Now that you know you cannot get Xanax easily in prison, the question arises, "How can you survive prison without Xanax?"

If you have anxiety or insomnia, the jail management will not give you Valium, Xanax, or any other benzodiazepine without a detailed examination. The most you can get are non-narcotics such as BuSpar.

Many inmates do not want to get addicted to these medications and want to spend a healthy life outside prison. So, the best bet is to face the situation head-on and look forward to getting out of prison.

Accessing Medication for Inmates in Jail

Medication in jails is different from regular healthcare, and prison healthcare providers must be more careful. Thus, they assess the inmates properly before prescribing and filling any medication. Here’s a guide to assessing medication for inmates in Washington Jail. The process is somewhat similar in all such facilities:

The first step is to assess the inmate’s health condition immediately after booking. Jail staff meets with the inmate and fills out a health screening form to understand their health and needs; it could be a healthcare provider, corrections officer, or non-medical jail staff. They take the details about the inmate's health and history, problems and symptoms, healthcare, and prescription medication.

Next, the screener will list the medication the inmate is taking based on what they tell the staff, details from the family, any prescription found on the inmate, and information from a healthcare facility.

Once the jail collects the information about the medicine, they verify it by contacting the pharmacy, calling the doctor, and checking the inmate’s healthcare records. Sometimes, the inmates take life-threatening medication which can be given to them without immediate verification.

Final Words

The simple answer to “Can you get prescribed Xanax in prison" is "no." Jails do not allow stimulants and opioids as they can be addictive and harm inmates in the long run. The prisoners can get over-the-counter medication or mental health medicine after proper diagnosis and assessment by the nurse. They may also continue taking a previous medicine after verification.


What anxiety medication is used in jail?

Jails do not give benzodiazepines to inmates due to the high risk of abuse and addiction. However, they can get other medicines like BuSpar, Remeron, Celexa, Zoloft, and Seroquel.

Why won’t doctors prescribe Xanax?

Xanax is a highly addictive drug and may lead to addiction among inmates, creating further problems for jail management. Thus, they offer other mental health medicines to fight problems such as anxiety, depression, and others.

Do they prescribe Adderall in prison?

Adderall is another highly addictive amphetamine-based drug that is not given to inmates for mental health issues to avoid abuse.

Which medication can you bring to jail?

Some jails might allow their inmates to take some medications during incarceration, including:

  • Inhalers
  • Expensive and unique drugs
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Trial/ research drugs

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