How Many Prisons Are In Kingston Michigan?

If you wonder, “How many prisons are in Kingston Michigan” the answer is six to nine. Read to know more!

How Many Prisons Are In Kingston Michigan?
How Many Prisons Are In Kingston Michigan?

Before we talk about how many prisons are in Kingston Michigan, let’s first tell you a little about Kingston.

Kingston is a small town in Tuscola County, around 15 miles west of Sandusky in Michigan’s Thumb area. This town has a population of only 400 but exhibits a strong cultural heritage and natural scenic beauty. It is spread over 0.34 square miles and has a rural feel with conservative community life.

Due to such a small population of locals, the crime rate in Kingston itself is quite low. However, it is home to several correctional facilities because of its rural location. These prisons provide employment facilities to the locals besides farming which is the primary source of income in this region.

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Kingston Michigan has 3 correctional facilities

In this article, we will tell you about the correctional facilities, inmates and how they affect the town's social and economic landscape.

History of Prisons in Kingston Michigan

The state opened its first prison farm in the early 1900s to provide food to inmates in other prisons. Over the years, the state built more prisons in this town because of its lack of economic resources to provide better opportunities to the locals. As the area resides a small number of people, it is ideal for prisons and correctional facilities without endangering the lives of locals.

How Many Prisons Are in Kingston Michigan?

Penitentiaries and correction facilities are an important part of Kingston Michigan and the area is known widely for its prisons. The relationship between the prisons and residents of Kingston is complicated as they are typically out-of-sight of residents, but some locals also work there.

There are three correctional facilities in Kingston Michigan:

Camp Tuscola

Camp Tuscola is a camp for male inmates with minimum security and focuses on their development. This camp has a capacity of 256 inmates. The inmates get vocational training and assignments during their stay here.

Thumb Correctional Facility

Michigan Department of Corrections operates the Thumb Correctional Facility adjacent to Camp Tuscola. It has a capacity of 1,272 inmates and resides male inmates only. This facility has medium-level security.

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Tuscola Residential Reentry Program

The Tuscola Residential Reentry Program helps criminals ease their transition from prison back into society. Returning to society after imprisonment can be challenging, and this facility helps make it easy for the offenders.

Social and Economic Impact of Prisons in Kingston

Correctional facilities in Kingston Michigan have been the talk of the town among residents since the state started building them. Many people find it awkward to be known as residents of a place with prisons, while others are concerned for their family's safety.

At the same time, these correctional facilities provide economic stability to the region by employing the locals; it has also helped other industries when they were struggling. Yet unforeseen circumstances, such as budget cuts in 2016, led to layoffs at the Thumb Correctional Facility.

State Prisons in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is responsible for overseeing and managing the prisons and parole population in Michigan, United States. The state overall has 31 prison facilities constituting approximately 41,000 prisoners combined with the Special Alternative Incarceration program.

Prisons in Kingston, Canada

Now that you know how many prisons are in Kingston Michigan, let us tell you about Kingston, Canada. Kingston, Canada, has nine penitentiaries. The most famous Kingston Penitentiary opened in 1835 and closed in 2013. Meanwhile, the only women’s penitentiary till 1995, Prison for Women (P4W), opened in 1934 and closed in 2000.

  • The penitentiaries in Kingston, Canada, include:
  • Millhaven Maximum Security and Regional Treatment Centre
  • Bath Medium Security and Regional Treatment Centre
  • Collins Bay Medium/Maximum Security
  • Collins Bay Minimum Security
  • Joyceville Medium Security
  • Joyceville Minimum Security

Besides the locals employed by the penitentiaries, many people also work with the Prison Law Clinic or volunteer with organizations such as Alternatives to Violence and the John Howard Society.

How Many Prisons Are in Kingstown?

The town of Kingstown in “The Mayor of Kingstown” has seven prisons that the town needs to survive.

While Kingstown might remind you of Kingston, Michigan, it is not a real place. Instead, it is slightly based on Kingston, Ontario, where the Mayor of Kingstown's co-creator, Hugh Dillon, grew up. Kingston, Ontario, has nine prisons instead of seven, as depicted in the fictional Kingstown.

Kingston Herland mentions that the town was called King's Town in 1787 in honor of King George III. It is Canada's highest populated prison town and once had 10 prisons.

Final Words

Kingston is a beautiful small town in Michigan with a population of only 400. The town has an orthodox environment and is home to three correctional facilities. When discussing how many prisons are in Kingston Michigan, Kingston, Ontario, always receives a mention. It has been known as the prison capital of Canada and has ten prisons. Now the number of penitentiaries in Michigan, Canada, is between six and nine. Furthermore, Kingstown in Mayor of Kingstown does not depict Kingston Michigan. Instead, it is based in Kingston, Canada; Kingstown has seven prisons.


Has Anyone Escaped Kingston Penitentiary?

In the past half a century, Tyrone Williams "Ty" Conn, a Canadian bank robber, was the only inmate to escape over the wall from the Kingston Penitentiary. It shocked the authorities as Kingston Penitentiary is one of Canada's most secure prisons.

How many active prisons are in Kingston?

Kingston, Canada, is said to have between six to nine prisons and is known as Canada's most populated prison town, including the Quinte Detention Center in Napanee.

How many active prisons are in Michigan?

Michigan State has 31 active prison facilities and the Special Alternative Incarceration program, housing around 41,000 prisoners. These prisons are operated by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).

What is the biggest jail in Michigan?

The Ionia Correctional Facility is the biggest jail in Michigan and has five maximum security level V housing units and two medium security units. It is also known as "I-Max," after the maximum security housing units.

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