Why Is Sasuke In Prison In Boruto?

Why Is Sasuke In Prison In Boruto?In this article, we have discussed Sasuke Uchiha one of the most prominent characters in the whole Naruto franchise.

Why Is Sasuke In Prison In Boruto?
Why Is Sasuke In Prison In Boruto?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most prominent characters in the whole Naruto franchise. Sasuke is one of Naruto’s heroic ideals as he has been the hero, the villain, and the antihero. Although it has never been shown why Sasuke was imprisoned, what crime he was charged with, and how long his imprisonment lasted.

However, Sasuke is shown being imprisoned as part of anime-only filler after Naruto’s Fourth Great Ninja War. He is most likely confined to prison cells due to the crimes committed during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

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Crimes Committed By Sasuke During The War

Rogue Ninja

He joined the ones who had already attempted to destroy the Konohagakure. Sasuke attempted to murder his brother Itachi Uchiha. He was responsible for the destruction of the entire Uchiha clan.

For this reason, he needed power and sought that power from Team 7. But as soon as Orochimaru actively sought him out, Sasuke left the village and became a rogue shinobi.

Tried To Kill Naruto Uzumaki

As was already mentioned in the storyline, the clash between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki was imminent. However, both fighters had a different fight approach toward each other. The only motive Naruto had in mind was either to incapacitate Sasuke or defeat him. Meanwhile, Sasuke was not remorseful about killing Naruto Uzumaki in cold blood.

Joined The Akatsuki

As soon as he learned the truth about Itachi Uchiha, he decided to follow the Obito Uchiha and joined the Akatsuki. Sasuke’s quest for vengeance was rightful at this point, and this brought drastic and quite a noticeable change in his personality. Obito had been successful in his bidding to manipulate Sasuke, which made him cold and cruel towards innocent people.

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Kidnapped Killer Bee

After joining Akatsuki, Sasuke was appointed on his first mission to abduct the

Jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails, Killer Bee. To fulfill his first big mission, he attacked Killer Bee by infiltrating Kumogakure. However, he nearly died in this whole conquest but managed to kidnap the Killer Bee.

Infiltrated Kage Summit

After attacking Killer Bee, Sasuke planned to attack the Land of Iron. It was the place where all the Kages were supposed to meet for the Summit. Sasuke infiltrated the Kage Summit to get into the conference.

In an act of stupidity, he murdered countless Samurai and Kages. It was the second time he nearly died at the hands of Onoki. He was saved by Obito Uchiha.

Attempted To Kill Sakura Haruno

Sasuke’s one of the biggest and worst crimes was attempting to murder Sakura Haruno. Sasuke became delusional and could no longer differentiate right from wrong. His hatred led him to think that Sakura betrayed him and she deserved to die. Had it not been for Naruto Uzumaki, she would have been dead at the hands of Sasuke.

Plotted To Kill Kakashi Hatake

Sasuke was Kakashi’s apprentice, and both of them shared a lot of similarities. Being the leader of Team 7, Kakashi wanted to take revenge on Sasuke for trying to attack the Summit and attempting to kill his teammates. It was when Sasuke made it clear that he aspired to kill Kakashi and wished to see the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, in the afterlife. However, Sasuke could not be succeeded in his attempt.

Aspired To Destroy Konohagakure

Itachis death had a major impact on Sasuke. All he wanted at that time was revenge and to be the direct enemy of the village. He wanted to destroy the whole village of Konohagakure.

He had become uncontrollable since then. And if he had attempted to destroy Konohagakure, even the authority of Kage could not have saved him. Also, nobody could have prevented his persecution had he destroyed the village.

Wanted To Execute The Five Kage

As the Fourth Great Ninja War’s end came near, Sasuke showed his true intentions and decide to be the villain again. His way of thinking became much more twisted ever since he stated that he wanted to kill innocent people of Konohagakure.

After defeating Kaguya, Sasuke intended to lead a revolution. He began this by planning to execute the Five Kage. At last, Naruto Uzumaki stood in his path and took the responsibility of defeating Sasuke himself once and for all.

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