Why did Adam Hicks go to Prison?

Why did Adam Hicks go to Prison? In this article, we have listed everything you need to know about him; how much time he spent in prison. And other questions related to his imprisonment.

Why did Adam Hicks go to Prison?
Why did Adam Hicks go to Prison?

Ever wondered where the funny kids that appeared on Disney shows, which you used to watch while waiting for your mom to make lunch or finish her work, went when you grew up? How come you don’t ever see them anymore? Wherever could they be now? Well, most of them probably ended up in good places, growing up with a much less photogenic face, so they don’t get cast anymore.

Adam Hicks didn’t get to retire like that, though. He isn’t a very well-known name, but you may have seen him somewhere in his early 2000s movies. His first leading role was in a comedy film called How to Eat Fried Worms. Later, he went on to play Luther in the Disney XD series Zeke and Luther and Wendell "Wen" Gifford in the teen musical film Lemonade Mouth.

What comes as the more shocking news is that Hicks once went to prison for a rather petty crime. Hicks came out soon enough and has since returned to the industry. Find out below: Why did Adam Hicks go to prison?

Who is Adam Hicks?

Adam Paul Nielson Hicks was born on 28th November 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. His parents are Ron and Lucy Hicks. He is an American actor, rapper, singer, and songwriter with his first leading role was in How to Eat Fried Worms, in which he played Joe Guire.

Hicks had a recurring role in the second season of Jonas, a Disney original series, where he played DZ and played a character named Boz in the third and final season of the Disney XD original sitcom Pair of Kings. He had a recurring role in Titus, an American dark comedy sitcom that debuted on Fox in 2000. Hicks also had roles in various movies and television series before playing the lead antagonist, a bully named Joe Guire, in How to Eat Fried Worms.

Other TV Appearances

He then went on to appear in Mostly Ghostly, a 2008 American horror comedy fantasy, alongside many other Disney Channel stars. In 2009, he grabbed the co-lead role of Luther on Zeke and Luther, another American sitcom. In April 2011, he starred as Wendell "Wen" Gifford in Lemonade Mouth.

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He co-starred on Pair of Kings, a sitcom that ran on Disney XD, as King Boz, in which he replaced Mitchel Musso's character King Brady. The fans, however, did not like the replacement as Musso was a favorite. The show’s ratings eventually dropped because of the new casting.

Hicks confirmed via a tweet that Pair of Kings would not be renewed for a fourth season following its downfall. Before this replacement, Hicks had worked with Mitchel Musso on the reality television series PrankStars episode Game Showed Up. Hicks played the character of Jason Zimmer in the erotic thriller The Boy Next Door.


Hicks eventually stepped into music and recorded a remake of a song by rapper MC Hammer, "U Can't Touch This." He was joined by fellow Zeke and Luther co-star Daniel Curtis Lee.

The music video for the song was displayed on Disney XD on 29th June 2009. He made a remix of the song "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry, a British rock band. At the end of 2010, he wrote and recorded the song "Happy Universal Holidays" with fellow Zeke and Luther actress Ryan Newman.

At the beginning of 2011, he released a song called "Dance For Life", with Drew Seeley, a Canadian actor, and singer, for the Disney Channel original sitcom, Shake It Up, which was featured on Shake It Up: Break It Down, the debut soundtrack from the first season of Shake It Up.

Hicks co-wrote three tracks for Lemonade Mouth: "Determinate," "Breakthrough," and "Livin' On a High Wire." He also has a music video featuring Chris Brochu, actor, and composer, for his single "We Burnin' Up." Hicks introduces himself as A Plus in most of his songs and is currently signed to Walt Disney Records. On 15th September 2011, Hicks released a hometown anthem, "Las Vegas (My City)", which talked about his struggles and dreams to succeed in the entertainment business.

In October 2012, he recorded a song for the new book Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up by Mark Peter Hughes, entitled "Don't Stop The Revolution." Hicks sang "You Never Know," the theme song used for the Disney XD show Mighty Med. On 28th October 2022, Hicks released a new song called Chosen One.

The arrest of Adam Hicks

On 25th January 2018, Hicks was arrested in Burbank, California. His reported girlfriend, actress Danni Tamburro, who was with him, was also arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. According to a report, Hicks and his girlfriend had pointed a gun at passersby and demanded that they turn over their cellphones, cash, and any other belongings. Two of the alleged victims of the robbery were elderly.

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Hicks had run into the law once before, where he shot his leg and remained uncooperative, something that led to the closing of the case.

Given his history, Hicks had to go through a mental health evaluation to determine whether he was competent enough to stand trial for the charges.

His arraignment was originally scheduled for 23rd March 2019, but it had to be dismissed when his attorney notified the judge that his client was not in a good enough state that he could assist in his defense.

Why did Adam Hicks go to Prison?

The arraignment and subsequent trial had to be put off, and Hicks was sent for further medical examination. On 10th July 2019, after his trial, he pleaded not guilty to one count of second-degree robbery and one count of attempted second-degree robbery. However, on another count of a robbery, he pleaded no-contest for which he was charged. The first two charges were then dismissed.

In July 2021, after Hicks was found guilty of robbery, he was sentenced to serve five years in state prison, while his girlfriend, Tamburro, was given three years of probation. However, Hicks was released in March 2022 on parole after the judge took into account the 1,460 days he served while awaiting and accounted for them as sentencing.

Hicks was arrested again for a case of domestic violence between himself and Tamburro but wasn’t prosecuted for this incident.

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