State Farm Enterprise Unit: Visitation, Inmates Search, Contacts, FAQs

This article discussed everything you need to know about state Farm Enterprise Unit: Visitation, Inmates Search, Contacts, and FAQs

State Farm Enterprise Unit: Visitation, Inmates Search, Contacts, FAQs
State Farm Enterprise Unit: Visitation, Inmates Search, Contacts, FAQs

State Farm Enterprise Unit is a prison work camp located in State Farm, in Powhatan County of Virginia, United States. It covers an area of 2595 acres in Powhatan County. This state jail is committed to providing a positive workplace for prisoners that develops and sustains job satisfaction while equipping them with the job skills necessary for re-entering society. The production aims to manufacture quality offset printing at a competitive price, financially supporting inmates during their sentence.

The prison is managed by Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE). Virginia Correctional Enterprises was established over 85 years ago by the Virginia General Assembly and is a self-supporting agency. It aims to employ and train inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections and state jails. VCE’s job-training programs are one of the reasons Virginia has one of the lowest reincarceration rates in the country.

The mission of these opportunities is to strengthen future employment opportunities and marketable skills for inmate workers by providing on-the-job training and work development programs, the cost of which is covered by the production and delivery of quality products and services to customers all around Virginia. VCE workforce development programs are voluntary, in which inmate workers apply, are interviewed, and are accepted into a program based on a predetermined set of criteria and requirements for each program.

Rehabilitation facilities at State Farm Enterprise Unit

State Farm Enterprise Unit, also known as Powhatan Correctional Center, opened in 2008 and is located at 3600 Woods Way, State Farm, VA 23160. It has a maximum capacity of approximately 450 inmates of mixed custody levels.

Before being assigned to a permanent jail, inmates are received by Powhatan Reception Center, which essentially gauges them to decide which facility would be best for their rehabilitation and security needs.

As a reception and classification center, this facility is responsible for performing the intake of inmates from local jails in the region. During the intake process, photos, fingerprints, drug screening, and a full criminal history of the offender are also taken.

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Additionally, inmates are assessed mentally and physically before being incarcerated at one of State Farm Enterprise Units or other correctional units. Based on all the information obtained during the intake process, the inmate is then given a custody classification and assigned to a more permanent facility.

Due to the small amount of time an offender usually spends at Powhatan Reception Center, programs are limited but inmates can opt for something better when they are sent to a permanent facility.

Inmates at the State Farm Enterprise Unit are presented to choose among the following positions for employment:

  • Press Operators
  • Bindery Operators
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Intake clerks
  • Shipping/Receiving clerks
  • Mechanics
  • Safety Leads
  • Custodians

The manufacturers at State Farm Enterprise Unit make many products that include Letterheads, Envelopes, Flyers/Brochures, Business cards, Books, Presentations, Note cards, and Postcards. The State Farm Enterprise Unit is operated and monitored by the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC), along with Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE).

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How do we search inmates in the State Farm Enterprise Unit?

For those looking to find information on an inmate incarcerated at the State Farm Enterprise Unit, there are only a few simple steps to follow. A few things you must know when you are planning to visit an inmate at this facility are the inmate's first and last name, and ID number. When offenders are incarcerated at State Farm Enterprise Unit, they are assigned unique IDs which act as their identity during their entire sentence in the facility.

To find further information on an inmate, you might want to browse the State Farm Enterprise Unit’s database by providing the inmate's first name, last name, and ID number.

If you do not want to use the website, you can call the State Farm Enterprise Unit visitor Information Line at (804) 598-5503. You will be expected to provide the credentials of the inmate that you are looking for. The facility will then let you know whether the inmate is allowed to receive visits or if they will be transferred to some other facility before they are allowed to be visited.

You can also directly visit Powhatan Reception Center and get the required information about an inmate directly. You won’t be able to meet an inmate that does not know you, hasn’t included your name in their visitation list, or isn’t allowed visitors before transferring to another facility.

What type of facilities is available at the State Farm Enterprise Unit?

The State Farm Enterprise Unit provides many facilities for inmates, which range from education to work opportunities for all inmates, although there isn’t a lot of variety in the offered programs. Following are some of the major facilities available at the State Farm Enterprise Unit.

  • Educational Programs: Inmates are provided with adult education programs. They can choose to partake in studies related to literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills. Inmates that have graduated in adult basic education (ABE graduates) are allowed to take adult secondary studies and prepare for High School Equivalency (HSE). Adult secondary-level instruction is also provided to the inmates that end when offenders pass the GED exam.
  • Re-entry Money Smart / Making Cents Out of Your Finances: To ensure that inmates know what to do with their life right after they get out, they are provided with guidance programs. A money management video program is provided to inmates at State Farm Enterprise Unit that covers topics like planning for rainy days and their future, understanding their paycheck, managing their expenses online, borrowing and paying their debts, living within their means, and sharing with others.
  • Special Education: Inmates with special cases are taken into special consideration at the State Farm Enterprise Unit. Inmates who qualify for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) are provided with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) that meet their needs. This education is provided so that inmates with special needs would find a way to make it on their own when their sentence is over.
  • Skill Program: VCE Workforce Development uses strategies that improve the productivity of inmate workers in the workplace and provide them with the necessary skills to secure meaningful employment in the private sector upon the end of their sentence. Inmates participating in the program receive soft skills training through their participation in on-the-job training and classroom instruction, which teaches them how to excel at communication, time management, teamwork, accountability, and lean practices.
  • Specialized Skills: Inmate workers can participate in special programs to learn specialized skills for modern industries, from powered industrial truck operations to maintenance and AutoCAD to sanitation solutions. This training is delivered to the inmates in the form of registered apprenticeships, workforce development programs, and industry/vendor certification programs.
  • Thinking for A Change: Inmates at State Farm Enterprise Unit are provided with courses that would reduce chances of re-offending. The goal of this course is to decrease criminal thinking among inmates through careful monitoring and inducing cognitive behavioral changes and skill development.

Is the State Farm Enterprise Unit dangerous?

State Farm Enterprise Unit isn’t a dangerous prison for either inmates or employees. Being a mixed-custody prison, it isn’t surprising to find trouble here but most people in this facility are transferred out soon after they are brought here. The State Farm Enterprise Unit has a major goal of providing as many job skills and opportunities as they can for inmates. This not only helps the inmates further down the line but also becomes profitable for the facility. This profit is how the facility keeps improving conditions for the inmates. It is also essential to keep the manufacturing gear running, those expenses are covered in the same way.

Since most of the inmates here are screened out by the Powhatan Reception Center, inmates don’t get to stay long enough to cause problems for anyone.

This facility is transitory where inmates that are freshly convicted are brought to await a transfer to a permanent facility which is decided after careful observation of the offender’s record and behavior. It wouldn’t be surprising for inmates to keep good behavior so they can end up in a better place. This makes the State Farm Enterprise Unit a relatively safe place to work or spend time in.

Visiting Hours of State Farm Enterprise Unit

According to studies conducted on inmate behavior, prisoners who receive more visits from their families exhibit improved behavior and find it easier to return to society upon release from custody. Moreover, they are less likely to re-offend after being released from prison.

The State Farm Enterprise Unit allows visitors that have been listed in the prisoner’s visitation list. Some inmates are not allowed to take visitors as they are set to be transferred out. To confirm the situation, families should contact the facility.

Visitors would need to fill out an application and send it to the facility before a visit is approved. The application expires 36 months after it is approved and a new application would need to be submitted within a month of expiration.

Visitation at State Farm Enterprise Unit is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Visitors undergo a thorough search and they must bring some form of identity with them. Contrabands may be searched for using canines and cars are also searched once they are on the prison grounds. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian. The visiting schedule rotates so before visiting, you will need to call the facility to learn of the visiting hours for a particular inmate.

Visitors are approved by the Virginia Department of Corrections. If the visitor is intoxicated in any way, the facility will not allow the visit. Similarly, any visitor found in possession of drugs or alcohol while on prison grounds would be escorted out, and the visit would be canceled.

How to contact the State Farm Enterprise Unit?

You can use one of the following three methods to contact the State Farm Enterprise Unit and receive any information you may need about a particular inmate or visiting schedule.

Visiting the Facility: The simplest way to learn something is to go to the facility and contact their information center which will assist you with everything they can. You can make queries and learn anything you want there, from visitation hours and dress code to prisoner accounts and payment methods. The address is State Farm Enterprise Unit, 3600 Woods Way, State Farm, VA 23160, United States.

Phone Number: You can contact the State Farm Enterprise Unit by calling (804) 598-4251. You will need to call the facility before a visit to learn of the visiting hour for the inmate you are planning to visit. Double-check to ensure visits aren’t canceled or the timing hasn’t changed that might hinder or delay your visit.

Visiting the Website: You can visit the official website of the State Farm Enterprise Unit to navigate through their database and reach a particular inmate. The mailing address for mail is supposed to look like this:

Inmate Name, ID Number

State Farm Enterprise Unit

3600 Woods Way

State Farm, VA 23160


How to send money to the inmates in the State Farm Enterprise Unit

You can use a couple of methods to send money to inmates at State Farm Enterprise Unit, which are: Online or Mobile App (using a credit or debit card), JPay, money order with a deposit slip to JPay, P.O. Box 278170, Miramar, FL 33027. You can also make a cash deposit at any MoneyGram agent location (such as Walmart and CVS Pharmacy).

Is State Farm Enterprise Unit a pre-release unit? State Farm Enterprise Unit isn’t permanent custody so it offers pre-release programs which help incorporate inmates into society and smooth the transition and process of reentering. In light of VCE’s goal, this facility supports the inmates in living independently after getting out of prison.

Who is the warden at the State Farm Enterprise Unit?

Eddie L. Pearson serves as the warden at State Farm Enterprise Unit. Harold W. Clarke serves as the head of the Virginia Department of Corrections with 40 years of experience. VADOC operates the State Farm Enterprise Unit and Powhatan Correctional and Reception Center.

Is the State Farm Enterprise Unit safe for workers?

The State Farm Enterprise Unit is considerably safe for work staff. Since the State Farm Enterprise Unit is a mixed-custody transitory, it does not have many security issues. The facility hires personnel, after careful consideration, to monitor inmates closely and transfer them to appropriate facilities.

Is the State Farm Enterprise Unit violent?

No, State Farm Enterprise Unit does not have any history of violence due to its nature as a short-term prison facility. It has a dependable work environment and fair living standards. The inmates are monitored to ensure no trouble brews.

What are some rules to follow when visiting someone at State Farm Enterprise Unit?

Visitors need to remember before the State Farm Enterprise Unit: Tobacco, lighters, cell phones, cameras, recording devices, and any other types of electronics are not allowed within the facility.

The address and information provided on the visitor application must be accurate. If any change has occurred, it must be reported immediately so that the application can be updated. Visitors should check the status of their applications before visiting. If their application has expired, they won’t be allowed to proceed with their visit.

What is the dress code at the State Farm Enterprise Unit?

Hats, masks, bandanas, and any other clothing that hides the majority of the face are not permitted. Tight-fitted clothing, clothes that expose huge parts of the skin, or see-through and sheer clothes are also prohibited. Uniforms such as military, nurse, or medical attire aren’t permitted. Clothes should cover from the base of your neck to your kneecaps. Visitors must not wear leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, or spandex. Clothes with offensive and profane symbols or language are also prohibited.

State Farm Enterprise Unit Photos

State Farm Enterprise Unit Photos
State Farm Enterprise Unit Photos
State Farm Enterprise Unit Photos
State Farm Enterprise Unit Photo

State Farm Enterprise Unit Reviews by Inmates

The State Farm Enterprise Unit keeps up with the standard set by VCE and VADOC. It has garnered a good reputation as far as correctional facilities go. Some inmates reported having a life-changing experience at State Farm Enterprise Unit. Since this facility focuses on bringing out the capabilities of the inmates to employ them in good jobs, inmates end up learning a lot and using much of it in the future.

VCE doesn’t believe that inmates that serve two years in custody should feel endangered about their future since no one would want to hire an ex-felon. By imparting the right skills to the inmates, the facility creates a load of opportunities for inmates and ensures they don’t suffer financially and fall back into committing offenses again.

State Farm Enterprise Unit, State Farm, Virginia

State Farm Enterprise Unit is a mixed-custody prison with ample opportunities for the correction of inmates. It provides enough facilities for education, skills, and jobs in the future.

Inmates can receive visits from family and connect with their loved ones. State Farm Enterprise Unit is a relatively safe facility with a fairly productive standard of living, meaning inmates serving their time without getting into unnecessary trouble would have time to learn a lot. Families can get information about the inmates easily and visit them during their visiting hours.

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