How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

"How to escape prison in Bitlife" can be a brain-twister if you want to escape prison. Check this quick guide!

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife
How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

If you are playing BitLife, a life simulator game where you can make various choices and see the consequences, you might find yourself in prison at some point. Maybe you committed a crime, were framed, or just got unlucky. Whatever the reason, prison is not a pleasant place to be, and you might wonder, "How to escape prison in Bitlife?”

One of the most challenging and exciting features is to escape prison in Bitlife. Whether you end up in jail for a severe or minor offense, you might want to try your luck and break free from the bars. However, escaping prison is not easy and requires a lot of strategy, patience, and uncertainty.

But how do you escape prison in BitLife? Is it even possible? And what are the risks and rewards of doing so? This article will provide a comprehensive guide on escaping prison in BitLife.

Why Escape Prison?

There are several reasons why you might want to escape prison in BitLife, such as:

  • Resume your normal life outside of prison.
  • Avoid the dangers and hardships of prison life.
  • Complete achievements and challenges that require escaping prison.
  • Have fun and test your skills by trying different escape methods and scenarios.

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How to Escape Prison in Bitlife?

Now that you know why it might be important for you to escape prison, knowing how to escape prison is crucial. There are two main ways:

  • Escape mini-game
  • Riot option

The escape mini-game is a puzzle game where you have to move your character (the orange dot) to the exit (the green dot) while avoiding the guards (the red dots) and the walls (the black lines). You can move one step at a time by tapping on an adjacent tile. The guards also move one step at a time, following your movements. If you touch a guard or a wall, you will fail the escape attempt and get caught.

The difficulty of the escape mini-game depends on the prison's security. The higher the security level, the more guards and walls there will be. The security level also affects how many times you can try to escape yearly. For example, if you are in a minimum-security prison, you can try to escape once per year, but if you are in a maximum-security prison, you can only try once every five years.

The Riot option is another way to escape prison in BitLife. To use this option, you start a riot by tapping the "Start a Riot" button in the prison menu. This will cause chaos and confusion in the prison, and you will have a chance to slip away unnoticed. However, this option also has some drawbacks.

  • Starting a riot will lower your happiness and health and increase your notoriety.
  • There is no guarantee that you will succeed in escaping, as you might get caught by the guards or injured by other inmates.
  • If you fail to escape, you will face harsher consequences, such as more time added to your sentence or solitary confinement.

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What Happens After Escaping Prison?

If you escape prison in BitLife, you will become a fugitive. This means you must live under the radar and avoid getting caught by the authorities. Here are some things that will happen after escaping prison:

  • You will lose your job and your assets, as the government will seize them.
  • Low chances of finding a new job or getting an education, as most employers and schools will reject you due to your criminal record.
  • Inability to find love or have children, as most people will be wary of dating or marrying a fugitive.
  • Higher chance of getting into trouble with the law again, as you might resort to illegal activities to survive or get caught by random events such as traffic stops or airport security checks.
  • Continuous danger to life, as you might get killed by the police or other criminals.

How to Avoid Getting Caught After Escaping Prison?

Knowing how to escape prison in Bitlife is not enough, and you must keep yourself away from the limelight. You must be careful and smart to avoid getting caught after the BitLife prison escape. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Change your name and appearance through plastic surgery or a name change option in the activities menu to disguise yourself and avoid recognition.
  • Move to another country using the migrate option in the activities menu to evade the jurisdiction of the country where you committed the crime. However, you need sufficient funds and must meet immigration requirements.
  • Lay low and avoid attention by choosing a low-profile job, staying away from social media, and avoiding trouble. This will reduce the chances of being spotted or reported by someone who knows you or your crime.
  • Bribe the authorities using the bribe authorities’ option in the crime menu to clear your name and eliminate your fugitive status. However, this requires significant money and relies on corrupt authorities willing to accept your bribe.


Being in prison is no joke, and not in BitLife, either. Whether you have been jailed for a small or major crime, getting out of it as soon as possible is important. It is crucial to know how to escape prison if you cannot get out of it another way. You can escape prison through the Riot option or the escape mini-game. Both have their chances and risks; choose what seems better to you. With the options of the escape mini-game and inciting a riot, you'll need a sharp mind and a dash of luck to outsmart guards and evade recapture. To increase your chances of survival as a fugitive, consider changing your identity, migrating to a new country, maintaining a low profile, or even resorting to bribing the authorities.

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