Dominguez Unit In Texas: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs

This article discussed everything you need to know about Dominguez Unit In Texas: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, and FAQs.

Dominguez Unit In Texas: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs
Dominguez Unit In Texas: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs

The Fabian Dale Dominguez State Jail, or Dominguez Unit for short, is located in San Antonio, in the Bexar county of Texas, at 6535 Cagnon Rd, San Antonio, TX 78252, United States.

This state jail is a mixed-custody facility that has a maximum capacity of approximately 2,276 adult male inmates in custody levels J1-J5, G2, and transient. The prison is managed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). The Dominguez Unit currently contains over 1457 offenders which are kept in all types of security levels. The facility began taking in inmates in May 1995 and has since remained operational, aiming to help inmates accept their past and work to redeem themselves.

The Dominguez Unit lies on the intersection of Hwy 90 West and Loop 1604 South in Bexar County, Texas. It has 382 employees in total, with 262 security employees, 74 non-security employees, 24 Windham education employees, 18 contracts medical, and four mental health employees.

The facility is spread over approximately 72 acres. The Dominguez State Jail has a special management unit where high-risk prisoners are housed. The unit consists of three pods of single cells; on the other hand, protective custody and reception inmates are kept in closed custody units, which consist of six pods of single cells.

The facility does not have any manufacturing and logistics operations but runs a huge agricultural operation under the Texas Second Chance Food Bank Program. Facility operations are under unit maintenance.

Rehabilitation facilities at Dominguez Unit

The Dominguez Unit is one of the few North Carolina prison facilities that have earned accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA).

What this implies is that the facility meets the prison industry’s 'gold standard in terms of environment and discipline. It has been accredited since January 2002. To ensure inmates aren’t denied humane treatment, the accreditation process monitors quality-of-life standards such as sufficient space and light, rehabilitation programs, health care, and pre-release plans over one year.

Inmates at Dominguez Unit are housed in a faith-based dormitory and allowed access to on-site medical, dental, and mental health services. A program for substance abuse treatment is also available to all inmates who suffer from drug abuse or alcoholism.

Dominguez State Jail also takes part in the Pawsitive Approach Assistance Dog Program, which allows inmates to work with canines. Religious worship services like Bible readings, etc., and support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are provided at Dominguez Unit.

Inmates are provided with and encouraged to take literacy, adult basic education, and GED classes in hopes that they can benefit from them. Additional vocational programs are available for inmates, which teach them computer-aided drafting and computer maintenance technicians.

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There are useful rehabilitative programs available at Dominguez Unit which aim towards anger management, post-traumatic therapy, and some parenting classes. Moreover, inmates are allowed to learn some handy skills such as HVAC, auto repair, drywall, computer repair, electrical, and plumbing.

How do you search inmates in Dominguez Unit?

It is quite simple to search for an inmate that is incarcerated at the Dominguez Unit. A few things you must know when you are planning to visit an inmate are the inmate's first and last name and ID number.

When incarcerated at Dominguez Unit, offenders are assigned unique IDs that help them during their entire sentence in the facility. If someone is planning to visit or send mail or make a call, etc. these ID numbers are necessary to search for an inmate, as names alone aren’t enough.

To find any information on an inmate, you will need to browse Dominguez Unit’s database and provide the inmate's first name, last name, and ID number. If you aren’t inclined to use the website, you can call the Dominguez Unit visitor Information Line at (210) 675-6620 (**098). You will be asked to provide the credentials of the inmate that you are looking for. The facility will then choose to disclose any information that you need upon receipt of the correct credentials or ID.

You can also directly visit the facility and get the required information about an inmate firsthand. You won’t be permitted to meet an inmate that does not know you or hasn’t included your name in their visitation list.

What type of facilities is available at Dominguez Unit?

The Dominguez Unit provides many facilities for inmates, which range from education to rehabilitation. The facility also provides work opportunities for all inmates. Following are some of the major facilities available at the Dominguez Unit.

  • Educational Programs: Some educational programs available at Dominguez uni include Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED preparation and test), reading, Title I, changes/pre-release, and cognitive intervention. Some career and technology programs are also offered so inmates can reenter society. These are computer maintenance technicians and technical introduction to computer-aided drafting.
  • Medical Facilities and Mental Health Services: Inmates are provided with ambulatory medical, dental, and mental health services. Mental health treatment is considered a special treatment program and is carried out under State Jail Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SJSATP). Telemedicine and Digital Medical Services (DMS) are also available to inmates. All services on a single level are provided to the prisoners, including assisted disability services (ADS) showers and CPAP accommodating housing. These services are managed by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).
  • Additional Programs/Services: Inmates have access to faith-based dormitories. They are also provided with programs like Prisoner Reentry Initiative (PRI), Adult Education Program, Pawsitive Approach Assistance Dog Program, Reentry Planning, Crime Stoppers, Community Tours, Chaplaincy Services, and GO KIDS Initiative. All of these services aim at making the inmates capable of transitioning back into society without any trouble.
  • Skill Courses: To reenter society or opt for a work program during their sentence, inmates at Dominguez Unit can select courses to learn skills that would later help them find a job upon their release or parole. Inmates are also referred to authorities where they can easily find work based on the level of their skill after their sentence is over. Inmates can opt for learning vocational skills in horticulture, upholstery, woodworking, music, and more.
  • Community Work Projects: Inmates are encouraged to take part in community work projects which keep them in touch with the outside world and ease the process of reentry when the time comes. Programs are available to the inmates in Dominguez Unit which include services provided to city and state agencies, local organizations, and the area food bank.
  • Volunteer Initiatives: Inmates are presented with an array of different opportunities to help them build skills, get therapy, or get in touch with their faith while they are serving their time in prison. These initiatives are volunteer-based, promoting group activities and integration among the inmates. Some of these programs include substance abuse education, life skills, support groups, religious/faith-based studies, and activities.

Is the Dominguez Unit dangerous?

Dominguez Unit is one of the safest prisons for both inmates and employees. Being a medium to high-risk prison, it isn’t surprising to find trouble here because most people in this facility aren’t petty criminals.

Many high-risk felons are also housed at Dominguez Unit. For this reason, the Dominguez Unit is divided into sections. High-risk inmates are kept secluded in a special management unit where security is high and inmates aren’t allowed outside contact.

The personnel working there are also more experienced. These inmates have access to all medical and mental health facilities; they may be barred from taking part in community work, though. Problematic inmates are also treated the same way. They are quarantined, and some of their privileges are taken away until their behavior improves.

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The prison is known to have balanced conditions, which means prisoners don’t burst into rebellions and disobedience isn’t overlooked. Inmates cannot cause problems for the officers either because problematic behavior gets many of their rights revoked. Moreover, guards ensure that in-relations among prisoners are stable, and if someone gets out of hand, they are dealt with appropriately.

Visiting Hours of Dominguez Unit

According to research, prisoners who are visited often by their families exhibit improved behavior and find it easier to reenter society upon the end of their sentence. Moreover, they are less likely to re-offend after release. The Dominguez Unit allows visits to the people that have been listed in the prisoner’s visitation list. The list can be updated by the inmate periodically and one or two new names can be added or removed as the inmate likes. This privilege may be taken away if the prisoner does not have acceptable behavior, which can lead them to end up quarantined, with their right of visitation revoked completely.

Visitation at Dominguez Unit is allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitors are expected to be on the inmate’s visitation list. The inmate will need to know your full name, date of birth, and current address to add you to the visitation list. This information can be provided via letter. Inmates are only allowed one visit per weekend and no more than two adults are allowed in the visit, albeit minors can visit without being counted up. Spiritual visits, by visitors visiting in a religious role, must gain approval through the warden's office.

Visiting hours are 7 am-5 pm at Dominguez State jail. The facility provides for both contact and non-contact visitations in case of high-risk felons. Visits can be no more than two hours in duration. If you are traveling over 300 miles to visit an inmate, you can contact the Dominguez Unit and request to arrange a special visit with extended time which can be up to four hours long.

How to contact the Dominguez Unit?

You can use one of the following three methods to contact the Dominguez Unit and receive any information you might need about a particular inmate or visitation process.

Visiting the Facility: The simplest way to know anything is to go see the facility and contact their information center which will assist you in any way they can. You can make queries and learn anything you want there, from visitation hours and dress code to prisoner accounts and payment methods. The address is Dominguez State Jail, 6535 Cagnon Road, San Antonio, TX 78252-2202, United States.

Phone Number: You can contact Dominguez Unit by calling (210)-675-6620 (**098). The telephone line is open at all times so you can call anytime to learn what you need to know about a specific inmate or prison policy. It is always recommended to call the facility before a visit to make sure visits aren’t canceled or the timing hasn’t changed that might hinder or delay your visit. You can also learn about the visiting schedule for the day by making a call before setting out. You may want to call the Ombudsman Visitation Hotline at (936) 437-4927 or toll-free at (844) 476-1289 if you have questions regarding the visitation process. The hotline is open on weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Visiting the Website: Simply visit the official website of Dominguez Unit to navigate through their database to reach a particular inmate. The mailing address for mail sent to an inmate is supposed to look like this:

Inmate Name, ID Number

​Dominguez State Jail

6535 Cagnon Road

San Antonio, TX 78252-2202


How to send money to the inmates in Dominguez Unit?

You can use a couple of methods to send money to inmates at Dominguez Unit which are: eCommDirect (using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card for a service fee), JPay, money order, or cashier's check. You can send your money orders and cashier’s check to Inmate Trust Fund, PO Box 60, Huntsville, TX 77342-0060. You can also make cash deposits at any MoneyGram location nationwide using an Express Payment form to send money to an inmate in Dominguez Unit.

Is Dominguez Unit a pre-release unit?

Dominguez Unit offers pre-release programs which help incorporate inmates into society and smooth the transition and process of reentering. The Dominguez Unit holds Employment and Service Provider events for prisoners with the support of Windham School District, which refutes the idea that no one will hire ex-felons once they are out.

Who is the warden at Dominguez Unit?

Gene Miller is the senior warden at Dominguez Unit. David Blackwell is the Regional Director with Kathryn Gaitan and Stephanie Sanchez acting as Assistant Regional Directors, while Eric Guerrero serves as the Deputy Division Director.

Is Dominguez Unit safe for workers?

The Dominguez Unit is considered very safe for work staff. Since the Dominguez Unit is a medium to maximum security prison, it is important to maintain a strict guard here. The facility hires personnel after careful consideration.

Is the Dominguez Unit violent?

No, Dominguez Unit remains one of the best prisons in North Carolina due to its dependable work environment and fair living standards. The inmates are kept under strict watch to ensure no trouble brews. Problem makers are isolated to avoid disturbance.

What are some rules to follow when visiting someone at Dominguez Unit?

Visitors must attach a copy of some form of their ID, which can be a driver’s license, military ID, or state ID. Minors are required to attach a certificate of their birth or student ID when visiting an inmate. Tobacco, lighters, cell phones, cameras, recording devices, and other electronics are not allowed within the facility. Visitors that disrupt the normal functioning of the facility with loud noises or car music while on prison grounds will be escorted out and may have their visiting right revoked.

What is the dress code at Dominguez Unit?

Hats, bandanas, and any other clothing that covers most of the face are not allowed. Tight-fitted, too exposing, or see-through clothes are also prohibited. Flip-flops, slippers, sandals, and high heels aren’t allowed. Visitors must not wear open-toed shoes, skirts shorter than three inches above the middle of the knee, and leggings or spandex. Clothes with offensive and profane symbols or language are also prohibited. It is recommended to bring a spare set of clothes in your car if you aren’t sure about your dress.

Dominguez Unit Photos

Dominguez Unit Photos
Dominguez Unit Photos
Dominguez Unit Photos
Dominguez Unit Photos

Dominguez Unit Reviews by Inmates

The Dominguez Unit received accreditation from ACA around two decades ago in January 2002.

This means the facility has been scrutinized as thoroughly as possible to determine whether the inmates are kept in good condition or not. The Dominguez Unit has a clean, open atmosphere which means inmates live in a healthy environment, although most of the inside info is kept under covers.

Inmates describe their stay at Dominguez Unit as uneventful, a very ordinary prison experience. Inmates have access to many facilities and they are given adequate resources. For a prison system as big as Dominguez Unit, it does fairly well.

Dominguez Unit, San Antonio, Texas

Dominguez Unit is a mixed-custody prison with ample opportunities for the correction of inmates.

It provides enough facilities for education, jobs, and rehabilitation. Inmates can receive visits from family and receive and send mail and calls to connect with their loved ones. Dominguez Unit is a relatively safe facility with a fair standard of living which means inmates can serve their time without getting into much trouble. Families can get information about the inmates easily, saving them from many hassles.

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