Tabor Correctional Institution: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs

This article discussed everything you need to know about Tabor Correctional Institution: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, and FAQs.

Tabor Correctional Institution: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs
Tabor Correctional Institution: Visitation, Inmate Search, Contacts, FAQs

The Tabor Correctional Institution, also known as Tabor City Prison, is located in West Tabor City, North Carolina, part of Columbus County, United States. It is one of five units located at the North Carolina State Prison Complex, each of which is dedicated to a certain classification of inmates, with the Complex Detention Unit housing the most dangerous and unruly offenders.

It is a medium and close-custody prison with a maximum capacity of over 1700 mixed-classification adult male inmates. The prison opened on August 18, 2008, when a backlog in county jails and crowding in other North Carolina state prisons forced the state of North Carolina to begin the construction of Tabor Correctional Institution (TCI). The construction started in May 2006 and was completed in April 2008.

The design of Tabor Correctional Institution is identical to six other North Carolina prisons. Sunland Fire and Bergelectric, a fire protection service in High Point, North Carolina, and a premier national electrical contractor participated in the construction of the prison. Even though it is considered a part of the city limits, the facility is located two miles (approx. 3 km) northwest of the center of Tabor City, Columbus County. A double fence surrounds the perimeter of the prison.

The facility is a mixed classification facility, where inmates were originally classified from medium to maximum control levels being housed. The prison started taking in minimum-custody inmates in 2014. The expenditure of the construction of the facility was approximately $94 million, after the use of inmate labor greatly reduced what this amount would have been had private contractors been used instead. The facility employs custody, food service, administration, programs, medical, dental, maintenance, and psychological staff.

Originally, the facility was built to hold something around 1,500 adult males (the original portion of the Tabor Prison is a 1,000-cell close-custody facility, later additions included a 504-bed medium-custody unit). Early in 2014, an additional complex was built housing 252 minimum-custody inmates, raising the maximum number of inmates housed at Tabor Correctional Institution to 1,752. The prison is operated by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS).

Rehabilitation facilities at Tabor Correctional Institution

Before its official opening, the facility was used in various training exercises with drills including escaped inmates and staff being taken, hostage. The approximate cost to operate this prison each year is $28 million.

Tabor Correctional Institution is maintained by contract maintenance, The Keith Corporation (TKC) Management Services. As a part of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Prisons, the facility provided over 500 jobs to the economically depressed area after its opening in 2008.

Inmates at this facility that have a close-custody status are restricted in the number of programs they can receive and participate in. Regardless of their status, these inmates are provided with the same food as the rest and given basic medical, dental, and mental health services. Offenders at Tabor Correctional Institution can take part in substance abuse treatment, pre-discharge programs, and different religious projects. Inmates at Tabor can also obtain a GED while incarcerated.

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Tabor Correctional Institution consists of 58 help structures and seven lodging units. Inmates are free to take professional courses in agribusiness, auto body fix, car/diesel mechanics, interchanges, welding, carpentry, air conditioning, electrical, culinary expressions, and marine support.

Most of the inmates are kept in Unit 29 which is a cultivating bolster unit. This cultivating unit is responsible for providing nourishment to three other North Carolina detainment facilities.

How to search inmates in Tabor Correctional Institution?

To search for an inmate that is incarcerated at the Tabor Correctional Institution, there are quite a few steps that can be undertaken.

The facility is run by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS), their official website is open to the public and can be accessed to track an inmate. A few things you must consider before that are that you need to know the inmate's first and last name, and their ID number.

When offenders are brought to Tabor Correctional Institution, they are assigned unique IDs which are used during their entire time in the prison. These ID numbers are key to searching for an inmate if someone is planning to visit, send mail or make a call, etc.

To find an inmate, you will need to browse Tabor Correctional Institution’s database by providing the inmate's first name, last name, and ID number.

Other than using the website, you can call the Tabor Correctional Institution visitor Information Line at (910)-653-6413. You will be asked to provide the credentials of the prisoner that you are looking for. If the inmate is located, the facility will provide any information that you may need regarding that particular inmate. It can be about visiting schedules, money transfers, or other prison policies.

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You can also directly visit Tabor Correctional Institution and get the required information about the prisoner. You won’t be allowed to meet an inmate without proper approval from the warden if the inmate does not know you.

What type of facilities is available at Tabor Correctional Institution?

Tabor Correctional Institution provides many facilities for inmates, ranging from on-site jobs to rehabilitation. The facility also provides opportunities for inmates to receive education and get certified. Following are some of the major facilities available at Tabor Correctional Institution.

  • Adult Education and GED: Inmates are given the chance to participate in educational programs and prepare and pass the GED test. Some close-custody or minimum-custody inmates cannot take part in educational programs. In the case of close custody, inmates do not have equal privileges and are kept under strict watch. As for minimum custody, inmates usually only have a tenure of fewer than two years which means they do not get enough time to partake in an educational program properly. Moreover, minimum-custody inmates are likely to have enough qualifications that educational programs do not help them.
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation: Programs are offered at Tabor Correctional Institution for those seeking help for drug or alcohol abuse. Inmates can get treatment and therapy for substance abuse, anger management, and parental classes in some cases.
  • Religious Facilities: Inmates are invited to take part in Bible readings and other similar programs that help them reconnect with religion. Chaplaincy services are available to all inmates at Tabor Correctional Institution.
  • Skill Courses: To reenter society or opt for a work program during their sentence, inmates are provided with special courses to learn skills that could later help them get a job once they are released from custody. Inmates may also be referred to partner organizations where they can find work based on the level of their skill after parole or release.
  • Prison Life Programs: Some programs at Tabor Prison aim to better the living style of inmates while at the prison and later on (if they are allowed parole or set to be released). These programs include prison orientation, counseling and treatment, religious programs, parenting programs, STOP and Change Direction, the Napoleon Hill Project, Sex Offender Accountability and Responsibility (SOAR), Domestic Violence Education Program (DVEP), and Domestic Violence Education and Treatment Program.

Is Tabor Correctional Institution dangerous?

Compared to most other state correctional centers, Tabor is relatively new. Even in the short time it has been functional, there have been quite a lot of ups and downs it has had to face. This isn’t surprising as there are high-risk felons housed at Tabor Correctional Institution.

In February 2014, the death of a 39-year-old inmate was reported, in which an autopsy was needed to determine the cause of death. The cause of death was settled as having been natural causes, however, a later report by WECT dated July 30, 2015, revealed that the death occurred due to methanol toxicity from a concoction of chemicals including hand sanitizer that the inmate consumed. The same news report revealed that the department of public safety conducted an investigation following this death but kept the results classified.

Similarly, the conduct of prison officers has been questionable for a long time now, with frequent reports of violations, inappropriate relationships with inmates, burglaries, and bringing contraband into the prison. Many have accused TCI of giving free rein to inmates inside the prison, with the officers having felonious conduct, only serving to aid the inmates by providing them with whatever they need. Tabor Correctional Institutions, according to many of the reports, is not a safe place in the least.

Visiting Hours of Tabor Correctional Institution

Tabor Correctional Institution allows visits by family and friends, and all other people that have been listed in the prisoner’s visitation list which can be updated periodically. This privilege may not be given to close-custody inmates or inmates that are quarantined due to disruptive behavior.

Visitation at Tabor Correctional Institution follows a schedule based on the custody level of the inmates. Visitors are expected to make appointments two days before the day of their visit. The visiting schedules for different classifications of inmates at Tabor Correctional Institution are as follows:

  • For General Population inmates
  • Wednesday through Saturday
  • 8:30 am-10 am
  • 12 pm-1:30 pm
  • 2:30 pm-4 pm
  • For Non-Contact visitation
  • Only Tuesdays
  • 8:30 am-9:30 am
  • 1 pm-2 pm
  • 2:30 pm-3:30 pm
  • For Minimum Facility visitation
  • Only Sundays
  • 8:30 am-10 am
  • 12 pm-1:30 pm
  • 2:30 pm-4 pm

Visitors are supposed to send the visiting application to the Department of Corrections. This application is mailed by the inmate. Visitors are supposed to fill out the application completely.

If there are errors in the application or if it isn’t filled completely or appropriately, it is subject to disapproval. Visitors must have some form of ID with them when they visit the facility. It can be a copy or photo of their state or military ID, a driver’s license, or something of the sort.

Minors must be accompanied by their guardians and have a photo of their birth certificate or student ID. Contraband would be confiscated before entry, it is recommended to avoid bringing paper cash along.

How to contact Tabor Correctional Institution?

You can use any one of the following methods to contact Tabor Correctional Institution and receive any information you need.

Visiting the Facility: The simplest way is to go visit TCI and contact their information center, which will assist you in any way they can. You can learn what you want there, like visitation hours, dress code, prisoner accounts, etc. The address is Tabor Correctional Institution, 4600 Swamp Fox Highway West, Tabor City, NC, 28463.

Phone Number: You can contact Tabor Correctional Institution by calling (910)-653-6413. It is recommended to call the facility when you are planning to visit so you can fix an appointment and know visiting regulations. This way, you can make sure things are operating normally, and there isn’t a problem that might hinder or delay your visit.

Visiting the Website: Visit the official website of Tabor Correctional Institution to find information on the inmate you are searching for. You can go through their database to reach a particular inmate. The mailing address to inmates is supposed to look like this:

Inmate Name, OPUS Number

Tabor Correctional Institution

4600 Swamp Fox Highway

West Tabor City, NC 28463


  • How to send money to the inmates in Tabor Correctional Institution? You can use a couple of methods to send money to inmates; JPay (using your credit or debit card, also online or through mobile apps), MoneyGram (including all Walmarts and CVS Pharmacies), money order with a deposit slip to JPay, P.O. Box 173070, Hialeah, FL 33017. These methods require clearance by the facility, during which period the inmate won’t have access to the money.
  • Is Tabor Correctional Institution a pre-release unit? Tabor Correctional Institution offers pre-release programs which help incorporate and ease the transition and reentering process of inmates into society. From vocational courses to off-site jobs, Tabor Correctional Institution provides plenty of opportunities for prisoners.
  • Who is the warden at Tabor Correctional Institution? Brad Perritt is the current warden of Tabor Correctional Institution. He is the third administrator of the facility and was named in January 2016. Perritt has an of experience 21-years in prison work, and most of his time has been in corrections.
  • Is Tabor Correctional Institution safe for workers? Tabor Correctional Institution isn’t exactly the definition of safe. As is observable in the reports about the facility over the past years, officers have been involved in various crimes and misdemeanors. If someone doesn’t follow the rules, they are laid off without any reason. Although things have considerably cooled down during the third administration, TCI became rather notorious during the second administration and remained in a critical position.
  • Is Tabor Correctional Institution violent? Yes, Tabor Correctional Institution has a history of violence committed by officers. According to recent reports, officers have been known to hit not just inmates but also keep inappropriate relations with them. There have been incidents when a TCI officer was reported to have hit two students with his car.
  • What are some rules to follow when visiting someone at Tabor Correctional Institution? Tobacco, contraband, lighters, alcohol, drugs, tablets, cell phones, cameras, recording devices, and other electronics are not allowed within the facility. Visitors and their cars are subjected to a thorough search once they are on the facility grounds.
  • What is the dress code at Tabor Correctional Institution? Hats, sunglasses, bandanas, and any other clothing item that hides the faces are not allowed. Tight-fitted and sheer clothing or clothes that expose too much skin are also prohibited. Sleeveless shirts or see-through clothing are prohibited. Visitors must wear shoes, skirts with knee length and without a slit, and pants above the waist. Clothes with offensive symbols or language will result in visits being canceled.

Tabor Correctional Institution Photos

Tabor Correctional Institution pictures
Tabor Correctional Institution Photos
Tabor Correctional Institution Photos facility pictures
Tabor Correctional Institution Photos / Facility photos

Tabor Correctional Institution Reviews by Inmates

Tabor Correctional Institution has held a notorious reputation since its establishment. Many inmates suffered violence and sexual abuse at the hands of officers.

The violent conduct of the officers isn’t just limited to the inmates, there are quite a few stories of their misadventures from armed robberies to selling drugs. Inmates have been discovered with contraband, alcohol, and drugs multiple times and it was revealed that officers have been smuggling such things inside the prison.

Although TCI has not made public statements regarding its past mishaps, local investigations reveal a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. For some inmates, TCI might be the best prison they could have ended up in, this might not be so true for the rest, though.

Tabor Correctional Institution, West Tabor City, North Carolina

Tabor Correctional Institution, or Tabor City Prison, is a multi-security prison that houses close, medium, and minimum-custody offenders and provides many facilities for education, jobs, and rehabilitation of inmates.

Tabor doesn’t have a very good reputation and it isn’t a very safe place for both workers and inmates, but it does offer much authentic education and pre-release programs for inmates. It might be hard to keep steady in a place like this but some offenders simply need to lie low and make sure they don’t get on someone’s bad side. Like most prisons, TCI is all about survival.

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