Listed: Private Prisons In The States Of Alaska

Private Prisons In The States Of Alaska. This article explores Private Prisons in the state of Alaska, a geographically isolated and the fourth-least populated state in the United States.

Private Prisons In The States Of Alaska
Private Prisons In The States Of Alaska

Alaska is geographically isolated and the fourth-least populated state in the United States. Having the 39th-highest incarceration rate, Alaska has a relatively low jail population as compared to the state’s prison population, which is comparatively high.

There are only six states until now in the United States having Unified System, including Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

According to a report published in 2019 on Alaska criminal justice, Alaska has combined its jails and prisons into a Unified System. And currently, Alaska is managing 12 prison facilities, as well as 15 locally operated jails.

List of Private Prisons in The State of Alaska:

Anchorage Correctional Complex

Anchorage Correctional Complex is located in Anchorage, Alaska. It was previously known for mentally ill persons. However, later on, it got converted into a prison. And now, it serves as a high-security urban jail.

Moreover, Anchorage Correctional Complex has a working capacity of 850 and provides several opportunities for inmates, including:

  • Opportunity to work with the government agency
  • Opportunity for getting pre-release transitional programs
  • Offers religious services
  • Provides access to dental, mental, and other health services
  • Provides rehabilitation services for addicts

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Is a regional facility for both minimum and maximum custody-level inmates. It houses both sentenced and unsentenced male/female inmates. This correctional facility has a wide range of listings of programs for their inmates, including:

  • Inmates can partake in various educational programs
  • They can earn a GED while incarcerated
  • They can learn basic computer skills and typing
  • They can learn heater maintenance and repair
  • Inmates can take classes and prepare for the commercial driver's license test
  • They can learn first aid
  • They can take marine survival courses and many more.

Fairbanks Correctional Center

Fairbanks Correctional Center is also the mixed custody correctional center for both male and female inmates. It houses level II and level IV inmates.

In addition, the Fairbanks Correctional Center has two segregated units, such as level II and level IV units, as well as the general population unit.

This facility also provides various programs for inmates, including:

  • Basic computing programs
  • General educational classes
  • College classes
  • Provides substance abuse treatment programs
  • Offers anger management courses
  • Offers domestic violence courses

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Goose Creek Correctional Center

The Goose Creek Correctional Center is a new and medium-security Correctional facility. It houses level V male inmates. In addition, this facility is also Alaska’s largest male prison, housing up to 2500 inmates.

It has been serving as an intake and classification facility since 2012. Ever since its creation, it has been implementing new procedures in order to ensure safety. Their interesting new procedures include:

  • One of the fascinating rules the facility has employed is that it photocopies all mail. The original copy is destroyed, and the copy is then provided to the inmate in order to prevent illegal substances from being mailed.
  • Greeting cards are placed on the inmate’s personal property instead of being delivered or destroyed.
  • Inmates are allowed to receive photos. However, they are first screened by the facility for drugs.

Ketchikan Correctional Center

Ketchikan Correctional Center serves as a medium to high-risk prison facility and commonly functions as a pre-trial facility. It is home to almost 900 inmates. The Ketchikan Correctional Center also has a special management unit that is reserved for high-risk inmates.

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Moreover, this facility also provides an opportunity for educational, recreational, and religious programs. They include:

  • Basic adult education
  • Computer classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Food handling courses
  • Horticulture upholstery skills
  • Woodworking skills
  • Music Classes

Lemon Creek Correctional Center

The Lemon Creek Conventional Center is home to Alaska’s ruthless prisoners. It houses approximately. It holds up to 220 male and female prisoners. This facility is home to both convicted felons and inmates in their pre-trial phase.

Furthermore, Lemon Creek Correctional Facility is currently operating as the convicted facility's long-term facility as well as the initial intake and classification facility. The facility comprises a library, canteen, gym, religious center, dental and medical area, laundry, etc. The rights and privileges of inmates in the facility include:

  • Inmates will be treated respectfully by all personnel
  • They will be provided the right to religious freedom
  • They will be provided with proper health care and medical treatment
  • They will be given the right to participate and not participate in the education, counseling, vocational, and other programs.
  • They will not be excluded from any program due to their disability
  • They will be given all the rights provided by Alaska Statutes and Alaska Administrative Code

Mat-Su Pretrial Facility

As the name suggests, the Mat-Su Pretrial (MSPT) Facility accommodates adult male and female criminals who have been arrested but have not yet received a sentence and are awaiting trial. It is a level II medium-security facility. The Mat-Su Pretrial facility also has a segregation unit reserved for inmates who have violated the prison’s rules and regulations.

Moreover, this facility provides various opportunities to these inmates, mainly shorter programs that last only for 3-8 days, such as:

  • Basic adult education courses
  • Computer program
  • Parenting classes
  • Budgeting courses
  • Communication classes
  • Anger/stress management classes

Palmer Medium and Minimum Correctional Centers

The Palmer Correctional Center is home to both medium and minimum security inmates. This facility helps inmates in their personal lives by providing programs and courses that help offenders break the cycle of domestic abuse. It helps reduce the rate of recidivism of sex offenders through group therapy. Moreover, it also provides the education equivalent to 9 grade. The Palmer facility offers:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Psychiatric treatment for severe disorders
  • Sex offenders treatment program
  • Educational programs
  • Family violence intervention program

Spring Creek Correctional Center

Initially, Spring Creek Correctional Center was created to house the maximum number of inmates, but now it only houses custody-level inmates. It also offers multiple programs that help prisoners prepare for their eventual release and integrate into society again. The facility can house up to 500 inmates.

Spring Creek is also home to prisoners who have been arrested for less serious crimes such as assault and burglary. The Spring Creek Correctional Center has various treatment and educational programs. They are as follows:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Basic adult education
  • GED courses
  • Associate degree programs
  • Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL) test preparation

Wildwood Correctional Center

The Wildwood Correctional Center is made up of three distinct facilities the Wildwood correctional center, the Wildwood Pretrial Facility, and the Wildwood Transitional Program. Each of these facilities is home to different custody-level inmates. Over 450 inmates are housed among these three facilities.

They also have different programs for prisoners depending on their facility. However, general programs provided at the Wildwood Correctional Center include:

  • Education programs
  • Welding skills
  • Volunteering fire department jobs
  • Food handling training
  • Industrial and surface mining training
  • Rehabilitation programs

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