Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Texas

What are Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Texas? In this article, we have listed more than 9 Prisons In The State of Texas.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Texas
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 Prisons In The State of Texas

A correctional institution system was created in September 2003 by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice(TDCJ), known as the Correctional Institutions Division (CID).

All kinds of housing facilities in Texas, such as the Private Facility Division, State Jail Division, Institutional Division, and Operations Division, fall under the jurisdiction of TDCJ. However, private housing facilities have been operating separately since June 15, 2007.

TDCJ constantly strives to provide a secure society by implementing core values focused on integrity, public safety, positivity, embracing change, and an inclusive culture. The system treats offenders fairly and puts the best foot forward to instill positivity in them.

Texas is often criticized for having a high incarceration rate among its citizens. This explains why the classification of state prisons and jails is a little more complex than in other US states.

TDCJ classifies its housing facilities under certain regions ranging from Region 1 to Region 6.

This article will look closely into all the regions of state prisons and their classification criteria proposed by TDCJ.

Prison classification into regions by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

TDCJ uses this classification for both state prisons and state jails. However, TDCJ prisons incarcerate individuals serving more extensive sentences(minimum of 5 years) than jail offenders.

Six regions are operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) throughout Texas.

There could be some variations among the TDCJ regions. However, they all strive to give prisoners a safe and secure environment and provide services like medical assistance, education and job training, religious services, counseling and addiction treatment, library services, and extracurricular opportunities.

The following are a few variables that could explain regional differences in TDCJ:

  • Facility Categories: The services offered to convicts may vary depending on the mix of facilities present in a given region, such as state prisons, state jails, and transfer facilities.
  • Geography and climate: The accessibility and provision of services may be impacted by various regions' climatic and environmental factors.
  • Resources: The availability of resources, such as personnel, financing, and hardware, may vary throughout regions, impacting the standard and service accessibility.
  • Population Characteristics: There may be differences in age, gender, kind of offense, and length of sentence among the inmates in each region that might impact the needs and demands unique to that area.

Custody Designation for Prison Offenders;

  • Level 1 (G1)
  • Level 2 (G2)
  • Level 3 (G3)
  • Level 4 (G4)
  • Level 5 (G5)
  • Administrative Segregation

Custody Designation for Jail Offenders;

  • Level 1 (J1)
  • Level 2 (J2)
  • Level 4 (J4)
  • Level 5 (J5)
  • Administrative Segregation

Level 1 Custody

G1 or J1 custody level permits convicts to reside in dormitories outside of the secure perimeter fence. Offenders with an "OT" custody level can work outside the secure perimeter with regular unarmed supervision.

Level 2 Custody

G2 (or J2) custody-level offenders are housed in dormitories or cells within a secure perimeter. However, they are allowed to work outside the frame under armed guards' surveillance.

Level 3 Custody

G3 custody-level offenders reside in dormitories or cells within the main structure of the unit. They are not eligible for housing in dorms, outside the main building, or the security perimeter.

G3 prisoners typically perform jobs within the restricted area assigned by the warden and may also be allowed to work outside the security fence under armed guards. It's important to note that this custody level is reserved for offenders serving sentences of 50 years or more and does not apply to state jail offenders.

Level 4 Custody

The offender will be housed in a cell under G4 (or J4) general population custody, with a few exceptions. They may work outside the security perimeter under direct armed supervision. In addition, J4 state prison inmates may be housed in specific dorms.

Level 5 Custody

G5 (or J5) is for offenders with a history of violence or assault. These felons live in cells and are restricted from working outside the perimeter's protection without direct armed surveillance.

Level 6-Administrative Segregation

Administrative Segregation, often referred to as SR confinement for state jail inmates, is used for those who need to be kept from the main population and who are a danger to themselves or others.

Those who TDCJs have designated as members of security threat organizations may receive this level of incarceration.

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Region1, Region2, Region3, Region4, Region5, Region6 Prisons of Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The department has 37000 officials to manage 50 correctional units and provide adequate services to felons. CID has six regional directors, and senior wardens separately supervise every team. The following are the restricted units for custody levels discussed above.

Region 1:

  • Byrd Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G5.
  • Duncan Geriatric Facility; For male inmates of categories G1 and G2.
  • Ellis Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G5.
  • Estelle Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G5.
  • Ferguson Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G5.
  • Goodman Unit; For male inmates of categories G1 and G2.
  • Goree Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G3, Administrative Segregation,
  • Holliday Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G2.
  • Huntsville Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G3
  • Lewis Unit; For male inmates of type G1-G5
  • Polunsky Unit; For male inmates of type G1-G5
  • Wainwright Unit; For male inmates of category G1-G4
  • Wynne Unit; For male inmates of category Outside Trusty(OT), G1-G5

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Region 2

  • Beto Unit; Male(G1-G4,OT)
  • Boyd Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Coffield Unit; Male(G1-G4,OT)
  • Cole State Jail; Male(J1-J5)
  • Hodge Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Hutchins State Jail; Male(J1-J5; G1, G2)
  • Michael Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • C. Moore Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Powledge Unit; Male(G2, G3, OT)
  • Telford Unit; Male(G1-G5)

Region 3

  • Clemens Unit; Male(G1-G4.OT)
  • Gist Unit; Male(J1-J5; G1, G2)
  • Henley Unit; Female(J1 - J2)
  • Hightower Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Hospital Galveston; Co-gender(All levels requiring medical treatment)
  • Jester III Unit; Male(G1-G3,OT)
  • Kegans Unit; Male(J1, Parole Offenders)
  • LeBlanc Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Lechner Unit; Male(J1-J5, G1, G2)
  • Memorial Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • Plane Unit; Female(J1-J4; G1, G2)
  • Ramsey Unit; Male(G1-G3, G5,OT)
  • Stiles Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • Stringfellow Unit; Male(G1-G4, OT)
  • Terrell Unit; Male(G1-G3, OT)
  • Vance Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Young Medical Facility; Female(G1, G2, OT)

Region 4

  • Briscoe Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Connally Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • Cotulla Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Dominguez State Jail; Male(J1-J5, G2)
  • Fort Stockton Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Garza West Unit; Male(G1-G3)
  • Lopez State Jail; Male(J1-J5, G1, G2)
  • Lynaugh Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • McConnell Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • Ney Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Sanchez State Jail; Male(J1-J2, G1, G2)
  • Segovia Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Stevenson Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Torres Unit; Male(G1, G2, G4)

Region 5

  • Allred Unit Male(G1-G5)
  • Clements Unit Male(G1-G5)
  • Dalhart Unit Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Daniel Unit Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Formby State Jail Male(J1-J5, G2, G4)
  • Jordan Unit Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Mechler Unit Male(G1, G2)
  • Montford Unit Male(OT, All levels)
  • Roach Unit Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Smith Unit Male(G1-G5)
  • Wallace Unit Male(G1, G2, G4)
  • Western Region Medical Facility (Montford Unit) Male(OT, All levels)
  • Wheeler Unit Male(J1, J2; G1, G2 )

Region 6

  • Crain Unit; Male(G1-G4, OT)
  • Hamilton Unit; Male(G1, G2)
  • Hilltop Unit; Female(G1-G3)
  • Hobby Unit; Female(G1-G5)
  • Hughes Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • Luther Unit; Male(G1, G2, G3, OT)
  • Marlin Unit; Female(G1, G2)
  • Middleton Unit; Male(G1-G3)
  • Mountain View Unit; Female(G1-G5)
  • Murray Unit; Male(G1-G4)
  • Pack Unit; Male(G1-G3,OT)
  • Robertson Unit; Male(G1-G5)
  • San Saba Unit; Female(G1, G2)
  • Travis County State Jail; Male(J1, J2, J4, G1, G2)
  • Woodman State Jail; Female(J1, J2, J4, Segregation, G1, G2)

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