Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In Minnesota

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In Minnesota

What are Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Minnesota? In this article, we have discussed over 9 Prisons In The State of Minnesota.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Minnesota
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Prisons In The State of Minnesota

The State of Minnesota, known for its 10,000 lakes and cold winters, is situated in the Midwestern region of the United States. With a diverse landscape and a rich cultural heritage, Minnesota is a great place to visit and call home.

In addition, the state is famous for its Nordic history and as a hub for innovation and business, reflected in modern cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul.

When it comes to its criminal justice system, Minnesota operates a total of ten prisons, each serving a specific purpose.

From high-security facilities to reentry centers, these prisons house over 10,000 inmates and employ thousands of correctional staff. To ensure that the state's penal institutions are equipped to handle the needs of their diverse population, these prisons are designed to provide security and rehabilitation services.

List of Prisons in the State of Minnesota:

  • MCF-Stillwater
  • MCF-Rush City
  • MCF-Moose Lake
  • MCF-Oak Park Heights
  • MCF-St. Cloud
  • MCF-Red Wing
  • MCF-Shakopee

Prisons In The State Of Minnesota


MCF-Stillwater, located in Bayport, Minnesota, is one of the state's oldest and most famous prisons. Established in 1914, the prison has a rich history that dates back over a century and has played an essential role in the state's criminal justice system.

The building structure of MCF-Stillwater is a formidable mix of old and new, with its original brick walls, towers, and gates complemented by modern upgrades that have been made over the years to enhance security and safety.

The facility can hold up to 1,600 inmates and offers a wide range of programs and services, including education and vocational training, to help prepare them for successful reentry into society.

Despite its well-rounded offering of rehabilitation programs and its history of housing some of the state's most dangerous criminals, MCF-Stillwater has experienced its share of violence and bedding issues. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most secure and well-run facilities in the state and continues to play an essential role in reducing recidivism and promoting public safety.

MCF-Rush City

MCF-Rush City is a prison located in Minnesota that has a rich history and a unique structure. Built in 1997, it was the first medium-security prison in the state to house both male and female inmates.

With a capacity of over 1,000 prisoners, MCF-Rush City offers a range of services and programs designed to promote rehabilitation and successful reentry into society.

The building structure of MCF-Rush City is noteworthy due to its innovative design. It incorporates natural light, open spaces, and a centralized control center for maximum efficiency and safety.

In addition, inmate housing units are designed to provide a comfortable and secure living environment, with individual cells and shared dayrooms.

MCF-Moose Lake

MCF-Moose Lake is a Minnesota Department of Corrections facility in Moose Lake, Minnesota. This prison has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1901, initially serving as a reformatory for youthful offenders.

The prison has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years, and its current building structure is a modern, secure facility.

MCF-Moose Lake can hold approximately 420 inmates housed in dormitory-style units. The prison provides bedding for all inmates, but it is not publicly disclosed what type of bedding is provided.

In terms of safety, MCF-Moose Lake has implemented several measures to prevent and respond to incidents of violence, including regular staff training and the presence of a highly trained emergency response team.

MCF-Moose Lake is also a level three facility despite its focus on safety. It provides a range of programs and services designed to help inmates successfully transition into society.

This includes educational and vocational training and behavioral and mental health services. With its combination of modern security measures and a commitment to rehabilitation, MCF-Moose Lake is a unique and essential component of the Minnesota correctional system.

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MCF-Oak Park Heights

MCF-Oak Park Heights, located in Minnesota, is one of the state's oldest and most famous prisons. The facility has a rich history, established in the late 1800s and undergoing several renovations and expansions.

In terms of its building structure, MCF-Oak Park Heights is a modern, secure facility that includes a mix of cell blocks and dormitory-style housing.

The prison can hold up to 496 inmates, and it is considered to be a high-security facility.

It is the only maximum-security prison in Minnesota and houses some of the state's most dangerous and violent offenders. Yet, despite its high level of security, MCF-Oak Park Heights has been praised for its progressive approach to rehabilitation and its focus on providing educational and vocational programs for inmates.

In terms of bedding, MCF-Oak Park Heights provides each inmate with a single bed, a mattress, and a set of bed linens. The prison also has a medical and mental health unit to care for those in need.

In terms of violence, MCF-Oak Park Heights has a relatively low rate of incidents, thanks partly to its strong security measures and focus on rehabilitation. Overall, MCF-Oak Park Heights is considered to be one of the best-run prisons in the state of Minnesota.

MCF-St. Cloud

MCF-St. Cloud is a medium-security prison located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Established in 1898, it is one of the oldest correctional facilities in the state. The prison comprises multiple buildings, including a primary facility, an infirmary, and a minimum-security unit.

The main facility can house up to 1,056 inmates, while the minimum-security unit has the capacity for over 200 inmates.

The prison provides inmates with essential bedding, including a mattress and blanket. MCF-St. Cloud is known for its low rate of violence, with instances of assaults and disturbances being rare.

Despite its age, MCF-St. Cloud has been well-maintained and upgraded over the years. The prison is equipped with modern technology, including video visitation and electronic security systems.

In addition, MCF-St. Cloud operates a variety of programs to help inmates transition back into society, including education, job training, and substance abuse treatment.

MCF-Red Wing

MCF-Red Wing, located in Red Wing, Minnesota, has been a medium-security prison since 1989. The prison's history is rooted in its mission to provide a secure and safe environment for the inmates, staff, and community.

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The building structure of MCF-Red Wing consists of six housing units, each with a capacity of over 200 inmates. The facility also has a chapel, a library, a gym, and a medical center. The bedding for each inmate consists of a single bed, a desk, and a storage unit.

MCF-Red Wing has a capacity of over 1,200 inmates and is known for its low levels of violence. The staff at MCF-Red Wing works hard to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone, and the prison has a strong focus on rehabilitation and education.

In addition to providing job training and educational programs, MCF-Red Wing offers mental health services and substance abuse treatment. With a focus on rehabilitation and a commitment to safety, MCF-Red Wing is a crucial component of the Minnesota prison system.


MCF-Shakopee is a medium-security prison located in Shakopee, Minnesota. Built in 1987, it has a long history of providing secure housing and rehabilitation programs to those in its custody.

The facility has a maximum capacity of 930 inmates and offers a range of programs, including education, job training, and mental health services.

The structure of MCF-Shakopee is designed with safety and security in mind, featuring multiple layers of security, including numerous perimeter fences and 24-hour surveillance.

The prison also provides a range of bedding options, from standard bunk beds to individual cells. Despite these measures, incidents of violence have been reported at the prison, and the facility has implemented additional security measures in response.

As a medium security facility, MCF-Shakopee is designed to provide a secure and controlled environment for those in its custody while offering rehabilitation and reentry opportunities into society.

With a focus on education and job training, the prison helps its inmates gain the skills they need to succeed upon release, making a positive contribution to both the individuals and the community.

The Prisons In The State Of Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is home to a diverse range of correctional facilities that serve to house and rehabilitate its inmates.

Each facility has its unique history, structure, and purpose, from the maximum-security MCF-Oak Park Heights to the minimum-security MCF-Moose Lake. Despite the varying levels of security, one thing remains constant: the commitment to ensuring the safety of staff, inmates, and the general public.

By understanding the operations of these institutions and their role in the criminal justice system, we can continue to work towards a more just and equitable society.

Whether you're a resident of Minnesota or simply interested in the inner workings of our prisons, we hope this blog has provided valuable insights and sparked further curiosity.

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