Full List Of Private Prisons In The State Of North Dakota

If you are looking for a list of private prisons in North Dakota, we bring you all the prison details.

Full List Of Private Prisons In The State Of North Dakota
Full List Of Private Prisons In The State Of North Dakota

North Dakota is an Upper Midwestern state named after the indigenous Dakota Sioux. It is the 19th largest but the 4th least populated state, owing to a population of less than 780,000.

North Dakota has a medium-high incarceration rate compared to other states. The incarceration rate in the state is 583 per 100,000 population. The state keeps these prisoners in state prisons, county jails, and federal prisons for federal law offenders.

This article brings you the full list of prisons in the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota Prison System

The North Dakota prison system comprises facilities for men and women to keep inmates sentenced to prison. The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation maintains and operates the four prisons, with a juvenile facility. Despite a low imprisonment rate, most prisoners are involved in violent crimes.

The number of incarcerations in North Dakota is less than in other states, amounting to 4,000 people. Out of the 4,000 offenders in North Dakota, 1,700 serve in state prisons, whereas 1,300 are in local jails.

Meanwhile, 840 inmates are in federal prisons, 80 in youth facilities, 30 in involuntary commitment, and 150 in Indian country. Furthermore, 5,900 offenders are under probation, and 620 are under parole.

Prison Vs. Jail

Rates of imprisonment in North Dakota have grown significantly in the last 40 years. The incarceration rates have been increasing continuously from 1978 to 2008; they later dropped until 2013.

While jail incarceration rates have not been as dramatic as prison imprisonment, they also exhibit a continuous rise. The number of incarcerations has been up and down since 2005.

Pretrial Vs. Convicted

The incarceration rate for pretrial and convicted inmates in North Dakota is quite surprising compared to many other states. Pretrial and convicted incarcerations have increased constantly until 2005.

While the imprisonment rate continued increasing, the numbers fell dramatically for convicted imprisonments.

Race/ Ethnicity

Besides other trends, the race and ethnicity graphs also show different behavior than other regions. The state incarcerates a high number of American Indians, around 1,984 per 100,000.

The number of black people imprisoned per 100,000 population is around 1,671, while Hispanic imprisonments are 1,032 per 100,000. White people have the lowest incarceration rate of 245 for a 100,000 population.


North Dakota does not have a high incarceration rate, and the women's imprisonment rates are way low. The state has 206 female prisoners with an incarceration rate of 56 per 100,000.

The graph has increased over the years and seems to fluctuate in recent times. Men have a comparatively higher incarceration rate in North Dakota, with 406 incarcerations per 100,000.

List Of Private Prisons In The State Of North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the states that never had private prisons to help with the prisoner population due to low incarcerations overall. Thus, this article does not have a list of private prisons in the state of North Dakota.

However, we have compiled all details about the prisons in North Dakota in this article.

Prisons in the State of New Dakota

North Dakota State Penitentiary

The North Dakota State Penitentiary is a minimum to maximum-level state prison that houses male inmates. It was built in 1885 in Bismarck. This prison building keeps inmates of all security levels in separate sections to protect other inmates from any harm.

Security Level: Maximum

Address: North Dakota State Penitentiary, 3100 Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 5521, Bismarck, ND 58506-5521

Warden: Joseph Joyce

James River Correctional Center

The James Correctional Center is a medium-security prison on the grounds of the State Hospital in Jamestown. It was opened in 1998 and serves as another facility to house male prisoners.

Security level: Medium

Address: 2521 Circle Drive, Jamestown, ND 58401

Warden: Chad Pringle

Missouri River Correctional Center

The Missouri River Correctional Center was built in 1940 as the State Farm. However, it has served as a minimum security prison for community custody men who require only low-level security. It is situated four miles southwest of Bismarck.

Security level: Minimum Low

Deputy Warden: Shannon Davison

Address: 1800 48th Ave SW, Bismarck, ND 58506

Heart River Correctional Center

This facility is the latest correctional center in New Dakota, located in Mandan. It was established in 2021 to house minimum security women.

Security Level: Minimum

Address: Heart River Correctional Center, 701 16th Avenue Southwest, Mandan, ND 58554

Warden: Connie Hackman Rivinius

Dakota Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation Center

Dakota Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation Center is located in New England. It was built in 2003 in contract with the N.D. Department of Corrections. This rehabilitation and correctional facility houses female residents in North Dakota.

It has various units comprising a minimum security housing unit, a higher custody unit, and a self-contained unit. This prison also has a Special Management Unit established in 2006.

Security Level: Minimum

Address: 440 McKenzie Street, New England, ND 58647

Warden: Rachelle Juntunen

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Youth Correctional Center

The Youth Correctional Center keeps juveniles pending a court hearing who need a short placement. Young offenders in the correctional center have various educational and recreational activity choices at the facility.

Address: 701 16th Ave SW Mandan, ND 58554

Director of NDYCC: Casey Traynor

North Dakota Prison Reform

North Dakota reformed its prisons in Norwegian style in 2019. Prisons have seen tremendous change in the past few years. The classrooms have fish tanks with underwater life, and students take field trips every month and serve food to the homeless.

Some North Dakota legislators, prison officials, and judicial branch members visited Norway in 2015, organized by California's Prison Law Office. Karianne Jackson, then the director of correctional practices at the DOCR, and Leann Bertsch, director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR), also joined the trip.

The Norwegian prison system records 63 imprisonments for 100,000 people, while the incarceration rate in the U.S. is 664 per 100,000. The team studied the prison system in Norway to focus more on rehabilitation than incarceration in North Dakota.

The DOCR changed its training methods to focus on maintaining security while providing better rehabilitation opportunities to inmates. They focused on the dynamic security philosophy based on enabling people to make choices and providing them with the chance to do better leads to a safer prison because humanely treated offenders are less likely to be violent.

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Additional Information about North Dakota Jails

  • Families of North Dakota prisoners must pay up to a 20% fee to transfer money to an incarcerated individual.
  • Prisoners in North Dakota prison facilities earn as less as 19¢ an hour for their work.
  • North Dakota prisons charge up to 40¢ for an e-message, which is one of the highest in all of the United States.
  • North Dakota inmates must pay for hygiene items if they have $15 or more in their spending accounts.

Final Words

North Dakota has an incarceration rate of 583 per 100,000 population which is less than the national average. Thus, four adult facilities, one women’s correctional and rehabilitation center, and the juvenile division properly manage the inmate in the state.

Thus, the list of private prisons in the state of New Dakota is blank. The state does not use any private prisons to keep the inmates. The state moved towards a Norwegian-style approach in 2019 to encourage rehabilitation among inmates.
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