Did Michael Desiato Go Back To Prison

If you are also wondering, "Did Michael Desiato go back to prison,” he did. But why? Read to know.

Did Michael Desiato Go Back To Prison
Did Michael Desiato Go Back To Prison

Your Honor has been a super-hit among viewers with its interesting storyline and Judge Michael Desiato’s characters. The second season has especially hooked the audience, and everyone had been looking forward to the season finale. Questions like, "Did Michael Desiato go back to Prison?” and “What happened to Gina?” are all over the internet.

Yes, Michael Desiato is sent back to prison. But why?

Keep reading as this article unfolds everything about Michael Desiato and the crime unfolding in the Your Honor’s second season’s finale.

Your Honor Season 2 Finale Overview

Episode 9 ended, pointing toward Michael's appearance in Eugene Jones’s trial, who killed Michael’s son. As Michael had promised Lee, he told the truth in court despite not wanting to be a part of the trial.

However, he wanted to find a way to save Eugene without lying, unconcerned about the price he would have to pay. His attempt to save Eugene meant disclosing many other truths he had hidden from everyone.

Michael told the court that he saw Eugene shoot his son Adam and mentioned that he recognized Eugene because he had seen Eugene in the same clothes earlier.

Lee understands that Michael wants to share more than the confession and allows him to give more details about the incident as she knows that Michael values truth and wants to give adequate details about the incident.

Michael also confesses to hiding his son Adam killing Rocco Baxter.

Following Michael, Eugene takes the stand and tells his side of the story, mentioning that his brother Kofi and his family died from a gas leak.

This sparks a memory, and Michael remembers Eugene telling his mother how he had been getting food for everyone as there was no gas at home because they had not paid the gas bill. So, there was no chance of a gas leak at their home, and Lee could use it in her favor.

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Why Did Michael Desiato Go Back To Prison?

Michael confessing to seeing Eugene kill Adam also led to his confession regarding Rocco’s death. As he had been previously trying to save Adam, Michael Desiato was sent to prison for his role in covering up the crime. While it helped save Eugene, it could not protect Michael from going to prison.

Nancy also plays a recording of Michael confessing to the Kofi case in Carlo’s favor to protect Adam, showing why Michael had to go to prison in the first place.

Was Eugene Found Guilty?

Michael's testimony to protect Eugene finally pays off, and Olivia offers to put Eugene into federal protective custody as a witness, not finding him guilty. Lee tells Olivia that Eugene does not know about Baxter's matters much when Olivia decides to keep him away from New Orleans.

As the case becomes a federal matter, and Olivia makes him a federal witness, Eugene is neither found guilty nor innocent; he walks away with a new life and identity.

What Happens to Fia?

Despite being the most innocent person throughout the season, Fia believes that Michael and Elizabeth had betrayed her after knowing that Adam was driving the car that killed his brother. She feels even worse, realizing that the whole Baxter family knew this, and they blew up a family to cover it.

She doesn't want her family to come looking for baby Rocco or her and decides to give up the baby for adoption and leave it alone.

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What Happens to Gina in Your Honor Season 2?

Now that you know the answer to “Did Michael Desiato go back to prison," what happened to Gina and Jimmy post-Michael's testimony?

Gina and Jimmy's relationship started deteriorating after their son's death, and they did not get along. Especially after the truth about the Jones family's killing unravels, Jimmy storms out at Gina, mentioning how it was her idea to blow them.

Gina rushes to her father to tell him that Jimmy will get her into trouble by taking her name in the incident. Her father Carmine shoots at Jimmy in aggression, leading to fatal injuries. Gina benefits from the situation and calls the police because the CCTV recorded the shooting. Thus, she gets rid of both the men in her life who wouldn’t have allowed her to lead the business.

However, a scene shows Jimmy waking up in the hospital, showing that he is not dead. If Jimmy finds out that Gina infuriated her father, leading to the incident, he will not spare Gina.

So far, Gina has taken over the crime business after getting rid of men in her family and striking a deal with Big Mo.

Was Season 2 Better Than Season 1?

Season 2 was not in the book, but the audience's interest in open-ended situations in the last season made the producers create season 2. Michael Desiato became stronger after Adam's death than in season 1, where he walked on eggshells to save his son.

Season 1 kept the audience hooked with its intense storyline, where Michael and Adam try hard to keep a life-threatening secret. It comprised a never-ending series of lies to protect Adam that also cost Michael his career. Yet, things changed after Adam's death.

Michael believes that he has nothing to lose now and is not scared of speaking the truth; he also protects Eugene from prison with Olivia’s help. Gina takes over the family business after getting rid of patriarchy in the Baxter family, while Fia moves away to protect herself and baby Rocco.


What happened at the end of Your Honor?

The series ends with Michael's confession of seeing Eugene shoot Adam, also giving out the details about Adam killing Rocco. At the same time, Eugene mentions that his family was killed in a gas explosion.

The audience still has questions, such as what happens to Jimmy after being shot. But, just like people got answers about "Did Michael Desiato go back to prison?" there might be another season waiting to unravel more.

Did Fia have adams'sAdams baby in Your Honor?

Season 2 revealed that Adam and Fia, the sister of Rocco Baxter, the body killed by Adam, have a son named Rocco Adam Baxter. Fia does not want the Baxter family to come after baby Rocco and harm him, so she gives him up for adoption.

Do the Baxters know who killed Rocco?

Fia’s reaction to Michael's testimony shows that everyone in the Baxter family knew who killed Rocco, and they set up the blast at Eugene's house. Gina and Jimmy fight over it, in which Gina's father shoots at Jimmy and is arrested for the crime.
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